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\ ˈbīn-dā- \


Simple Data Binding for WinForms. It provides a easy way to get data from any POCO into a Form and back.


  • Bind the public properties of an object to controls with a matching name and data type on a Form.
  • Ability to declare property aliases.
  • Ability to register custom .NET control types.

Planned Features

  • Support for complex controls (Combobox, DataGrid, etc.) that represent a composite object.

How do I get it?

Via NuGet

PM> Install-Package Binda

Via Source

git clone git://

How do I use it?

Basic example

var binda = new Binder();
binda.Bind(myObject, myForm);

More examples

Check out the Wiki for more examples.

How do I run the tests?

I used NUnit for testing and the Test Runner in Resharper. If you don't have Resharper I recommend you get it. If that's not an option you can still run the tests manually via the NUnit Console Runner.

Have an issue?

Submit an issue directly on GitHub and we'll take a look.

Why WinForms?

A lot of developers, myself included, are still actively working with legacy code on platforms where there is weak support for data binding. Binda in combination with an ORM like Dapper will make working with WinForms much less tedious.


Binda began as a quick spike by Michael Minton to bind POCO to WinForms and has since evolved into something useful thanks to the contributions from Will Green and bryce.

How to contribute?

All contributions to the project are welcome. If you have a great idea how to make Binda even better submit a Pull Request.