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This is the API of the Software Description Ontology at

This Python package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: v1.8.0
  • Package version: 8.0.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on a repository, you can install directly using:

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import modelcatalog 


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import modelcatalog

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import modelcatalog
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Defining host is optional and default to = ""
# Create an instance of the API class
api_instance = modelcatalog.CatalogIdentifierApi(modelcatalog.ApiClient(configuration))
username = 'username_example' # str | Name of the user graph to query (optional)
label = 'label_example' # str | Filter by label (optional)
page = 1 # int | Page number (optional) (default to 1)
per_page = 100 # int | Items per page (optional) (default to 100)

    # List all instances of CatalogIdentifier
    api_response = api_instance.catalogidentifiers_get(username=username, label=label, page=page, per_page=per_page)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling CatalogIdentifierApi->catalogidentifiers_get: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
CatalogIdentifierApi catalogidentifiers_get GET /catalogidentifiers List all instances of CatalogIdentifier
CatalogIdentifierApi catalogidentifiers_id_delete DELETE /catalogidentifiers/{id} Delete an existing CatalogIdentifier
CatalogIdentifierApi catalogidentifiers_id_get GET /catalogidentifiers/{id} Get a single CatalogIdentifier by its id
CatalogIdentifierApi catalogidentifiers_id_put PUT /catalogidentifiers/{id} Update an existing CatalogIdentifier
CatalogIdentifierApi catalogidentifiers_post POST /catalogidentifiers Create one CatalogIdentifier
CausalDiagramApi causaldiagrams_get GET /causaldiagrams List all instances of CausalDiagram
CausalDiagramApi causaldiagrams_id_delete DELETE /causaldiagrams/{id} Delete an existing CausalDiagram
CausalDiagramApi causaldiagrams_id_get GET /causaldiagrams/{id} Get a single CausalDiagram by its id
CausalDiagramApi causaldiagrams_id_put PUT /causaldiagrams/{id} Update an existing CausalDiagram
CausalDiagramApi causaldiagrams_post POST /causaldiagrams Create one CausalDiagram
ConfigurationSetupApi configurationsetups_get GET /configurationsetups List all instances of ConfigurationSetup
ConfigurationSetupApi configurationsetups_id_delete DELETE /configurationsetups/{id} Delete an existing ConfigurationSetup
ConfigurationSetupApi configurationsetups_id_get GET /configurationsetups/{id} Get a single ConfigurationSetup by its id
ConfigurationSetupApi configurationsetups_id_put PUT /configurationsetups/{id} Update an existing ConfigurationSetup
ConfigurationSetupApi configurationsetups_post POST /configurationsetups Create one ConfigurationSetup
ConfigurationSetupApi custom_configurationsetups_id_get GET /custom/configurationsetups/{id} Get a ModelConfigurationSetup
ConstraintApi constraints_get GET /constraints List all instances of Constraint
ConstraintApi constraints_id_delete DELETE /constraints/{id} Delete an existing Constraint
ConstraintApi constraints_id_get GET /constraints/{id} Get a single Constraint by its id
ConstraintApi constraints_id_put PUT /constraints/{id} Update an existing Constraint
ConstraintApi constraints_post POST /constraints Create one Constraint
CoupledModelApi coupledmodels_get GET /coupledmodels List all instances of CoupledModel
CoupledModelApi coupledmodels_id_delete DELETE /coupledmodels/{id} Delete an existing CoupledModel
CoupledModelApi coupledmodels_id_get GET /coupledmodels/{id} Get a single CoupledModel by its id
CoupledModelApi coupledmodels_id_put PUT /coupledmodels/{id} Update an existing CoupledModel
CoupledModelApi coupledmodels_post POST /coupledmodels Create one CoupledModel
DataTransformationApi custom_datasetspecifications_id_datatransformations_get GET /custom/datasetspecifications/{id}/datatransformations Gets a list of data transformations related a dataset
DataTransformationApi datatransformations_get GET /datatransformations List all instances of DataTransformation
DataTransformationApi datatransformations_id_delete DELETE /datatransformations/{id} Delete an existing DataTransformation
DataTransformationApi datatransformations_id_get GET /datatransformations/{id} Get a single DataTransformation by its id
DataTransformationApi datatransformations_id_put PUT /datatransformations/{id} Update an existing DataTransformation
DataTransformationApi datatransformations_post POST /datatransformations Create one DataTransformation
DataTransformationSetupApi datatransformationsetups_get GET /datatransformationsetups List all instances of DataTransformationSetup
DataTransformationSetupApi datatransformationsetups_id_delete DELETE /datatransformationsetups/{id} Delete an existing DataTransformationSetup
DataTransformationSetupApi datatransformationsetups_id_get GET /datatransformationsetups/{id} Get a single DataTransformationSetup by its id
DataTransformationSetupApi datatransformationsetups_id_put PUT /datatransformationsetups/{id} Update an existing DataTransformationSetup
DataTransformationSetupApi datatransformationsetups_post POST /datatransformationsetups Create one DataTransformationSetup
DatasetSpecificationApi custom_configuration_id_inputs_get GET /custom/configuration/{id}/inputs Gets all inputs of a configuration
DatasetSpecificationApi custom_datasetspecifications_get GET /custom/datasetspecifications Gets all inputs of a configuration
DatasetSpecificationApi datasetspecifications_get GET /datasetspecifications List all instances of DatasetSpecification
DatasetSpecificationApi datasetspecifications_id_delete DELETE /datasetspecifications/{id} Delete an existing DatasetSpecification
DatasetSpecificationApi datasetspecifications_id_get GET /datasetspecifications/{id} Get a single DatasetSpecification by its id
DatasetSpecificationApi datasetspecifications_id_put PUT /datasetspecifications/{id} Update an existing DatasetSpecification
DatasetSpecificationApi datasetspecifications_post POST /datasetspecifications Create one DatasetSpecification
EmpiricalModelApi empiricalmodels_get GET /empiricalmodels List all instances of EmpiricalModel
EmpiricalModelApi empiricalmodels_id_delete DELETE /empiricalmodels/{id} Delete an existing EmpiricalModel
EmpiricalModelApi empiricalmodels_id_get GET /empiricalmodels/{id} Get a single EmpiricalModel by its id
EmpiricalModelApi empiricalmodels_id_put PUT /empiricalmodels/{id} Update an existing EmpiricalModel
EmpiricalModelApi empiricalmodels_post POST /empiricalmodels Create one EmpiricalModel
EmulatorApi emulators_get GET /emulators List all instances of Emulator
EmulatorApi emulators_id_delete DELETE /emulators/{id} Delete an existing Emulator
EmulatorApi emulators_id_get GET /emulators/{id} Get a single Emulator by its id
EmulatorApi emulators_id_put PUT /emulators/{id} Update an existing Emulator
EmulatorApi emulators_post POST /emulators Create one Emulator
EquationApi equations_get GET /equations List all instances of Equation
EquationApi equations_id_delete DELETE /equations/{id} Delete an existing Equation
EquationApi equations_id_get GET /equations/{id} Get a single Equation by its id
EquationApi equations_id_put PUT /equations/{id} Update an existing Equation
EquationApi equations_post POST /equations Create one Equation
FundingInformationApi fundinginformations_get GET /fundinginformations List all instances of FundingInformation
FundingInformationApi fundinginformations_id_delete DELETE /fundinginformations/{id} Delete an existing FundingInformation
FundingInformationApi fundinginformations_id_get GET /fundinginformations/{id} Get a single FundingInformation by its id
FundingInformationApi fundinginformations_id_put PUT /fundinginformations/{id} Update an existing FundingInformation
FundingInformationApi fundinginformations_post POST /fundinginformations Create one FundingInformation
GeoCoordinatesApi geocoordinatess_get GET /geocoordinatess List all instances of GeoCoordinates
GeoCoordinatesApi geocoordinatess_id_delete DELETE /geocoordinatess/{id} Delete an existing GeoCoordinates
GeoCoordinatesApi geocoordinatess_id_get GET /geocoordinatess/{id} Get a single GeoCoordinates by its id
GeoCoordinatesApi geocoordinatess_id_put PUT /geocoordinatess/{id} Update an existing GeoCoordinates
GeoCoordinatesApi geocoordinatess_post POST /geocoordinatess Create one GeoCoordinates
GeoShapeApi geoshapes_get GET /geoshapes List all instances of GeoShape
GeoShapeApi geoshapes_id_delete DELETE /geoshapes/{id} Delete an existing GeoShape
GeoShapeApi geoshapes_id_get GET /geoshapes/{id} Get a single GeoShape by its id
GeoShapeApi geoshapes_id_put PUT /geoshapes/{id} Update an existing GeoShape
GeoShapeApi geoshapes_post POST /geoshapes Create one GeoShape
GridApi grids_get GET /grids List all instances of Grid
GridApi grids_id_delete DELETE /grids/{id} Delete an existing Grid
GridApi grids_id_get GET /grids/{id} Get a single Grid by its id
GridApi grids_id_put PUT /grids/{id} Update an existing Grid
GridApi grids_post POST /grids Create one Grid
HybridModelApi hybridmodels_get GET /hybridmodels List all instances of HybridModel
HybridModelApi hybridmodels_id_delete DELETE /hybridmodels/{id} Delete an existing HybridModel
HybridModelApi hybridmodels_id_get GET /hybridmodels/{id} Get a single HybridModel by its id
HybridModelApi hybridmodels_id_put PUT /hybridmodels/{id} Update an existing HybridModel
HybridModelApi hybridmodels_post POST /hybridmodels Create one HybridModel
ImageApi images_get GET /images List all instances of Image
ImageApi images_id_delete DELETE /images/{id} Delete an existing Image
ImageApi images_id_get GET /images/{id} Get a single Image by its id
ImageApi images_id_put PUT /images/{id} Update an existing Image
ImageApi images_post POST /images Create one Image
InterventionApi interventions_get GET /interventions List all instances of Intervention
InterventionApi interventions_id_delete DELETE /interventions/{id} Delete an existing Intervention
InterventionApi interventions_id_get GET /interventions/{id} Get a single Intervention by its id
InterventionApi interventions_id_put PUT /interventions/{id} Update an existing Intervention
InterventionApi interventions_post POST /interventions Create one Intervention
ModelApi custom_model_index_get GET /custom/model/index Get a Model
ModelApi custom_model_intervention_get GET /custom/model/intervention Get a Model
ModelApi custom_model_region_get GET /custom/model/region Get a Model
ModelApi custom_models_standard_variable_get GET /custom/models/standard_variable Get a list of models
ModelApi custom_models_variable_get GET /custom/models/variable Get a list of Model
ModelApi models_get GET /models List all instances of Model
ModelApi models_id_delete DELETE /models/{id} Delete an existing Model
ModelApi models_id_get GET /models/{id} Get a single Model by its id
ModelApi models_id_put PUT /models/{id} Update an existing Model
ModelApi models_post POST /models Create one Model
ModelCategoryApi modelcategorys_get GET /modelcategorys List all instances of ModelCategory
ModelCategoryApi modelcategorys_id_delete DELETE /modelcategorys/{id} Delete an existing ModelCategory
ModelCategoryApi modelcategorys_id_get GET /modelcategorys/{id} Get a single ModelCategory by its id
ModelCategoryApi modelcategorys_id_put PUT /modelcategorys/{id} Update an existing ModelCategory
ModelCategoryApi modelcategorys_post POST /modelcategorys Create one ModelCategory
ModelConfigurationApi custom_modelconfigurations_id_get GET /custom/modelconfigurations/{id} Get a ModelConfiguration
ModelConfigurationApi modelconfigurations_get GET /modelconfigurations List all instances of ModelConfiguration
ModelConfigurationApi modelconfigurations_id_delete DELETE /modelconfigurations/{id} Delete an existing ModelConfiguration
ModelConfigurationApi modelconfigurations_id_get GET /modelconfigurations/{id} Get a single ModelConfiguration by its id
ModelConfigurationApi modelconfigurations_id_put PUT /modelconfigurations/{id} Update an existing ModelConfiguration
ModelConfigurationApi modelconfigurations_post POST /modelconfigurations Create one ModelConfiguration
ModelConfigurationSetupApi custom_modelconfigurationsetups_id_get GET /custom/modelconfigurationsetups/{id} Get a ModelConfigurationSetup
ModelConfigurationSetupApi custom_modelconfigurationsetups_variable_get GET /custom/modelconfigurationsetups/variable Get a list Model
ModelConfigurationSetupApi modelconfigurationsetups_get GET /modelconfigurationsetups List all instances of ModelConfigurationSetup
ModelConfigurationSetupApi modelconfigurationsetups_id_delete DELETE /modelconfigurationsetups/{id} Delete an existing ModelConfigurationSetup
ModelConfigurationSetupApi modelconfigurationsetups_id_get GET /modelconfigurationsetups/{id} Get a single ModelConfigurationSetup by its id
ModelConfigurationSetupApi modelconfigurationsetups_id_put PUT /modelconfigurationsetups/{id} Update an existing ModelConfigurationSetup
ModelConfigurationSetupApi modelconfigurationsetups_post POST /modelconfigurationsetups Create one ModelConfigurationSetup
NumericalIndexApi numericalindexs_get GET /numericalindexs List all instances of NumericalIndex
NumericalIndexApi numericalindexs_id_delete DELETE /numericalindexs/{id} Delete an existing NumericalIndex
NumericalIndexApi numericalindexs_id_get GET /numericalindexs/{id} Get a single NumericalIndex by its id
NumericalIndexApi numericalindexs_id_put PUT /numericalindexs/{id} Update an existing NumericalIndex
NumericalIndexApi numericalindexs_post POST /numericalindexs Create one NumericalIndex
OrganizationApi organizations_get GET /organizations List all instances of Organization
OrganizationApi organizations_id_delete DELETE /organizations/{id} Delete an existing Organization
OrganizationApi organizations_id_get GET /organizations/{id} Get a single Organization by its id
OrganizationApi organizations_id_put PUT /organizations/{id} Update an existing Organization
OrganizationApi organizations_post POST /organizations Create one Organization
ParameterApi parameters_get GET /parameters List all instances of Parameter
ParameterApi parameters_id_delete DELETE /parameters/{id} Delete an existing Parameter
ParameterApi parameters_id_get GET /parameters/{id} Get a single Parameter by its id
ParameterApi parameters_id_put PUT /parameters/{id} Update an existing Parameter
ParameterApi parameters_post POST /parameters Create one Parameter
PersonApi persons_get GET /persons List all instances of Person
PersonApi persons_id_delete DELETE /persons/{id} Delete an existing Person
PersonApi persons_id_get GET /persons/{id} Get a single Person by its id
PersonApi persons_id_put PUT /persons/{id} Update an existing Person
PersonApi persons_post POST /persons Create one Person
PointBasedGridApi pointbasedgrids_get GET /pointbasedgrids List all instances of PointBasedGrid
PointBasedGridApi pointbasedgrids_id_delete DELETE /pointbasedgrids/{id} Delete an existing PointBasedGrid
PointBasedGridApi pointbasedgrids_id_get GET /pointbasedgrids/{id} Get a single PointBasedGrid by its id
PointBasedGridApi pointbasedgrids_id_put PUT /pointbasedgrids/{id} Update an existing PointBasedGrid
PointBasedGridApi pointbasedgrids_post POST /pointbasedgrids Create one PointBasedGrid
ProcessApi processs_get GET /processs List all instances of Process
ProcessApi processs_id_delete DELETE /processs/{id} Delete an existing Process
ProcessApi processs_id_get GET /processs/{id} Get a single Process by its id
ProcessApi processs_id_put PUT /processs/{id} Update an existing Process
ProcessApi processs_post POST /processs Create one Process
RegionApi regions_get GET /regions List all instances of Region
RegionApi regions_id_delete DELETE /regions/{id} Delete an existing Region
RegionApi regions_id_get GET /regions/{id} Get a single Region by its id
RegionApi regions_id_put PUT /regions/{id} Update an existing Region
RegionApi regions_post POST /regions Create one Region
SampleCollectionApi samplecollections_get GET /samplecollections List all instances of SampleCollection
SampleCollectionApi samplecollections_id_delete DELETE /samplecollections/{id} Delete an existing SampleCollection
SampleCollectionApi samplecollections_id_get GET /samplecollections/{id} Get a single SampleCollection by its id
SampleCollectionApi samplecollections_id_put PUT /samplecollections/{id} Update an existing SampleCollection
SampleCollectionApi samplecollections_post POST /samplecollections Create one SampleCollection
SampleExecutionApi sampleexecutions_get GET /sampleexecutions List all instances of SampleExecution
SampleExecutionApi sampleexecutions_id_delete DELETE /sampleexecutions/{id} Delete an existing SampleExecution
SampleExecutionApi sampleexecutions_id_get GET /sampleexecutions/{id} Get a single SampleExecution by its id
SampleExecutionApi sampleexecutions_id_put PUT /sampleexecutions/{id} Update an existing SampleExecution
SampleExecutionApi sampleexecutions_post POST /sampleexecutions Create one SampleExecution
SampleResourceApi sampleresources_get GET /sampleresources List all instances of SampleResource
SampleResourceApi sampleresources_id_delete DELETE /sampleresources/{id} Delete an existing SampleResource
SampleResourceApi sampleresources_id_get GET /sampleresources/{id} Get a single SampleResource by its id
SampleResourceApi sampleresources_id_put PUT /sampleresources/{id} Update an existing SampleResource
SampleResourceApi sampleresources_post POST /sampleresources Create one SampleResource
SoftwareApi softwares_get GET /softwares List all instances of Software
SoftwareApi softwares_id_delete DELETE /softwares/{id} Delete an existing Software
SoftwareApi softwares_id_get GET /softwares/{id} Get a single Software by its id
SoftwareApi softwares_id_put PUT /softwares/{id} Update an existing Software
SoftwareApi softwares_post POST /softwares Create one Software
SoftwareConfigurationApi softwareconfigurations_get GET /softwareconfigurations List all instances of SoftwareConfiguration
SoftwareConfigurationApi softwareconfigurations_id_delete DELETE /softwareconfigurations/{id} Delete an existing SoftwareConfiguration
SoftwareConfigurationApi softwareconfigurations_id_get GET /softwareconfigurations/{id} Get a single SoftwareConfiguration by its id
SoftwareConfigurationApi softwareconfigurations_id_put PUT /softwareconfigurations/{id} Update an existing SoftwareConfiguration
SoftwareConfigurationApi softwareconfigurations_post POST /softwareconfigurations Create one SoftwareConfiguration
SoftwareImageApi softwareimages_get GET /softwareimages List all instances of SoftwareImage
SoftwareImageApi softwareimages_id_delete DELETE /softwareimages/{id} Delete an existing SoftwareImage
SoftwareImageApi softwareimages_id_get GET /softwareimages/{id} Get a single SoftwareImage by its id
SoftwareImageApi softwareimages_id_put PUT /softwareimages/{id} Update an existing SoftwareImage
SoftwareImageApi softwareimages_post POST /softwareimages Create one SoftwareImage
SoftwareVersionApi softwareversions_get GET /softwareversions List all instances of SoftwareVersion
SoftwareVersionApi softwareversions_id_delete DELETE /softwareversions/{id} Delete an existing SoftwareVersion
SoftwareVersionApi softwareversions_id_get GET /softwareversions/{id} Get a single SoftwareVersion by its id
SoftwareVersionApi softwareversions_id_put PUT /softwareversions/{id} Update an existing SoftwareVersion
SoftwareVersionApi softwareversions_post POST /softwareversions Create one SoftwareVersion
SourceCodeApi sourcecodes_get GET /sourcecodes List all instances of SourceCode
SourceCodeApi sourcecodes_id_delete DELETE /sourcecodes/{id} Delete an existing SourceCode
SourceCodeApi sourcecodes_id_get GET /sourcecodes/{id} Get a single SourceCode by its id
SourceCodeApi sourcecodes_id_put PUT /sourcecodes/{id} Update an existing SourceCode
SourceCodeApi sourcecodes_post POST /sourcecodes Create one SourceCode
SpatialResolutionApi spatialresolutions_get GET /spatialresolutions List all instances of SpatialResolution
SpatialResolutionApi spatialresolutions_id_delete DELETE /spatialresolutions/{id} Delete an existing SpatialResolution
SpatialResolutionApi spatialresolutions_id_get GET /spatialresolutions/{id} Get a single SpatialResolution by its id
SpatialResolutionApi spatialresolutions_id_put PUT /spatialresolutions/{id} Update an existing SpatialResolution
SpatialResolutionApi spatialresolutions_post POST /spatialresolutions Create one SpatialResolution
SpatiallyDistributedGridApi spatiallydistributedgrids_get GET /spatiallydistributedgrids List all instances of SpatiallyDistributedGrid
SpatiallyDistributedGridApi spatiallydistributedgrids_id_delete DELETE /spatiallydistributedgrids/{id} Delete an existing SpatiallyDistributedGrid
SpatiallyDistributedGridApi spatiallydistributedgrids_id_get GET /spatiallydistributedgrids/{id} Get a single SpatiallyDistributedGrid by its id
SpatiallyDistributedGridApi spatiallydistributedgrids_id_put PUT /spatiallydistributedgrids/{id} Update an existing SpatiallyDistributedGrid
SpatiallyDistributedGridApi spatiallydistributedgrids_post POST /spatiallydistributedgrids Create one SpatiallyDistributedGrid
StandardVariableApi standardvariables_get GET /standardvariables List all instances of StandardVariable
StandardVariableApi standardvariables_id_delete DELETE /standardvariables/{id} Delete an existing StandardVariable
StandardVariableApi standardvariables_id_get GET /standardvariables/{id} Get a single StandardVariable by its id
StandardVariableApi standardvariables_id_put PUT /standardvariables/{id} Update an existing StandardVariable
StandardVariableApi standardvariables_post POST /standardvariables Create one StandardVariable
TheoryGuidedModelApi theory_guidedmodels_get GET /theory-guidedmodels List all instances of Theory-GuidedModel
TheoryGuidedModelApi theory_guidedmodels_id_delete DELETE /theory-guidedmodels/{id} Delete an existing Theory-GuidedModel
TheoryGuidedModelApi theory_guidedmodels_id_get GET /theory-guidedmodels/{id} Get a single Theory-GuidedModel by its id
TheoryGuidedModelApi theory_guidedmodels_id_put PUT /theory-guidedmodels/{id} Update an existing Theory-GuidedModel
TheoryGuidedModelApi theory_guidedmodels_post POST /theory-guidedmodels Create one Theory-GuidedModel
TimeIntervalApi timeintervals_get GET /timeintervals List all instances of TimeInterval
TimeIntervalApi timeintervals_id_delete DELETE /timeintervals/{id} Delete an existing TimeInterval
TimeIntervalApi timeintervals_id_get GET /timeintervals/{id} Get a single TimeInterval by its id
TimeIntervalApi timeintervals_id_put PUT /timeintervals/{id} Update an existing TimeInterval
TimeIntervalApi timeintervals_post POST /timeintervals Create one TimeInterval
UnitApi units_get GET /units List all instances of Unit
UnitApi units_id_delete DELETE /units/{id} Delete an existing Unit
UnitApi units_id_get GET /units/{id} Get a single Unit by its id
UnitApi units_id_put PUT /units/{id} Update an existing Unit
UnitApi units_post POST /units Create one Unit
VariableApi variables_get GET /variables List all instances of Variable
VariableApi variables_id_delete DELETE /variables/{id} Delete an existing Variable
VariableApi variables_id_get GET /variables/{id} Get a single Variable by its id
VariableApi variables_id_put PUT /variables/{id} Update an existing Variable
VariableApi variables_post POST /variables Create one Variable
VariablePresentationApi variablepresentations_get GET /variablepresentations List all instances of VariablePresentation
VariablePresentationApi variablepresentations_id_delete DELETE /variablepresentations/{id} Delete an existing VariablePresentation
VariablePresentationApi variablepresentations_id_get GET /variablepresentations/{id} Get a single VariablePresentation by its id
VariablePresentationApi variablepresentations_id_put PUT /variablepresentations/{id} Update an existing VariablePresentation
VariablePresentationApi variablepresentations_post POST /variablepresentations Create one VariablePresentation
VisualizationApi visualizations_get GET /visualizations List all instances of Visualization
VisualizationApi visualizations_id_delete DELETE /visualizations/{id} Delete an existing Visualization
VisualizationApi visualizations_id_get GET /visualizations/{id} Get a single Visualization by its id
VisualizationApi visualizations_id_put PUT /visualizations/{id} Update an existing Visualization
VisualizationApi visualizations_post POST /visualizations Create one Visualization
DefaultApi user_login_post POST /user/login

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: Bearer authentication (JWT)