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Teaching Pendant S/W
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Teaching Pendant S/W

MTP(Mintrobot Teaching Pendant) is a GUI based application that can control robotic manipualtors. Users can program robots in tasks level by selecting few control blocks as like VPL (Visual Programming Language). Frankly, we have developed this software by referencing the teaching pendant of Universal Robots. We thought we need the application that make workers in a factory can easily program robot arms for the task frequently changed for their factory automation. And we thought the way to program robot arms of Universal robots is very convenient and efficient. Thus, we spent about 1 and half years to make the prototype. However, as we work with many factory automation manufacturers in the field by using our software, we felt the way to program robots by using GUI based teaching pendant is insufficient. It is not enough easy and convenient to be used by worker in a factory. Also it is not enough mature to make more sophisticated application. Finally, we have withdrawn plans to develop VPL based teaching pendant. However, we think the result we have tried can be a useful seed for who wants to continue what we have tried first. Although we withdrew our plan, it doesn't mean the way to program robots by using VPL based teaching pendant is useless. There can be other result what we have not imagined by the synergy of open source. This is why we decided to open the source codes. We hope this source codes can be good resources for spreading robots more wide, and can be used for human beings and the Earth.

11th June 2019

Justin H. Kang / CEO and Founder of MINTROBOT Co., Ltd.

  • Tested Environment
  1. OS : Windows 10 / 1920x1080
  2. Build environment : Qt Creator 4.8 (Qt 5.11.3 / MinGW 5.3.0 32bit for C++ )
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