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Jangles is a small Java application built in Linux. It supports caching, logging, dual MySQL / H2 connections, external properties and connection config files, Guice injection, localization and more. Jangles is designed as a shared codebase for Java Distributed Applications.

Technologies Used

  • Guice injection
  • Apache Shiro for Authentication
  • Apache JCS Caching
  • slf4j with Logback for logging
  • Tomcat JDBC Connection Pooling
  • JAXB Marshalling for External Configuration files

Installation and Setup

Jangles uses MySQL for development and H2 for testing. schema.sql and data.sql scripts for MySQL are in /install/sql. Test SQL script is located in /test/resources which runs on test launch.

Jangles uses external Property and Connection Configuration files,global.properties and connections.xml. A jangles.properties file is located in /resources where you will enter the path of the external files. This location is relative to your home directory.

Here is a summary of the setup process:

  1. Create your MySQL database and run the MySQL Setup scripts in /install/sql.
  2. Configure and copy the external property files ininstall/external to a subfolder of your home directory
  3. Enter the path to those external files (global.properties and connections.xml) in /resources/jangles.properties

To Run Application and Tests

After completing the setup steps listed above, use Maven or your IDE to run the Jangles Demo which displays a simple "Hello!" and some configuration info. All Tests should run Green.

Maven is configured to create a working .JAR file on running

{PROJECT_ROOT}/$ mvn clean install

You can then run the JAR with

{PROJECT_ROOT}/$ java -jar target/jangles.jar

Last Updated: 8/28/17