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Simple Bootique Shiro demo containing the following Bootique Modules:

  • Bootique Jetty
  • Bootique MVC, with Jersey and Mustache.
  • Bootiquze JDBC
  • Bootique Shiro Web

Bootique Shiro Demo App Home Page

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The Bootique Shiro Demo uses MySQL which requires configuration. To configure

  1. Create a MySQL database and run setup.mysql located in install/sql
  2. Update the Bootique JDBC Connection properties in bootique.yml

The tests use H2 and require no configuration.

To Run

Simply build the app in your IDE or use Maven

mvn clean package

Enter the following to launch the app in Maven.

/project/root/$ java -jar target/shiro-demo.jar 

After launching the app in your IDE or with Maven, go to


User Accounts

Two User Accounts are available for login and are listed on the web pages.

  1. bob - Password: password Roles: admin and user
  2. ken - Password: halo Roles: user