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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to mintty in some way, in particular:

  • Simon Tatham and the PuTTY team. Mintty is based on PuTTY's terminal emulation and Windows frontend parts.
  • Mark Edgar, author of the PuTTYcyg patch for using PuTTY as a Cygwin terminal, which provided much inspiration. Mintty actually started as a hacked PuTTYcyg (although its code for hooking into Cygwin was fully replaced along the way).
  • KDE's Oxygen team, for the sleek program icon (which was designed for Konsole).
  • Markus Kuhn, for his free advice, code and tests for supporting Unicode.
  • Ahmad Khalifa, for PuTTY's BiDI (bi-directional text) implementation.
  • Michael Kaplan, Microsoft's Dr International, for the wealth of information on his blog, with many gems such as He's dead (keys), Jim.
  • Thomas Dickey, for setting the de-facto terminal standard for Unix terminals with xterm, documenting it in lots of detail, and being very responsive to questions and suggestions.
  • The authors of Cygwin's rxvt, particularly Chuck Wilson, who adapted it to use Win32 directly instead of requiring an X server. While no longer developed, rxvt remains an important reference for how a Cygwin terminal should work.
  • Corinna Vinschen, for Cygwin 1.7's locale and charset implementation, which allowed mintty to gain a crucial advantage over rxvt: Unicode support.
  • Christopher Faylor, for the Cygwin pty implementation, which mintty very much depends on, especially for its speed.
  • Simon Steele, for Programmer's Notepad, a relatively simple yet powerful open source editor for Windows that makes mintty code a joy to work on.
  • Murray Anderson, Andrew Aylett and Alexander Noack: mintty's earliest adopters, who helped to find and fix the most egregious bugs before mintty was announced to the Cygwin world.
  • Yaakov Selkowitz, for creating mintty's initial Cygwin setup.exe package and the cygport tool that is used to build it.
  • Lee D. Rothstein, for his help in writing a man page for mintty.
  • Thomas Wolff, author of the mined Unicode editor, for lots of much-needed help in improving mintty's terminal emulation and locale support and making it more xterm-compatible.
  • Chris Sutcliffe, for packaging mintty for MSYS, and lots of testing and advice.
  • Iwamuro Motonori, for valuable advice regarding support for East Asian languages.
  • The many users who have helped to improve mintty by reporting bugs and suggesting enhancements.


And, continuing from release 2.0.1, more thanks particularly to:

  • First of all, Andy Koppe, for having undergone the effort of adapting the terminal application and crafting it to an excellent piece of software, enhancing it over many years towards its capability to be the new Cygwin terminal, dealing with lots of bug reports and suggestions (including my own) and maintaining its stability and reputation.
  • Paul Townsend, for advice on Unix-style process handling and daemonizing, avoiding zombie processes.
  • James Darnley, for a patch demonstrating how to deal with the Windows Options menu.
  • Takashi Kawasaki, for a patch dealing with the Windows DPI handling features.
  • Johannes Schindelin, for advice about the obscure area of Windows taskbar properties configuration.
  • Kai (twitter:@sixhundredns), for the new Search feature and his cooperation to improve and integrate it.
  • Hayaki Saito (, for the new Sixel graphics feature and his cooperation to improve and integrate it.
  • Avi Halachmi (:avih), for refactoring, tweaks and fixes around attribute handling, especially bold display.
  • Xiaohui Duan (:dxhisboy), for an interactive tabbar that extends the virtual tabs mechanism to a tabbed window experience.
  • Brian Inglis, for monitoring the issue tracker and frequently helping sort out and debug issues.