small plugin to notify people of a new post.
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  • A small plugin to notify people of a new post via email, a bit like a mailing list but without the extra bloat.
  • The plugin uses Twitter bootstrap style forms & buttons for the frontend widget. It's pretty easy to restyle if you know css, visit for more information.

How to use

  • Simply download, unzip, upload folder to /wp-content/plugins/, activiate plugin and start posting.
  • Very simple to use, add WPPTemplateTags::show_subscribe_widget() to your theme where you want the subscribe widget to be displayed. Alternativey if your theme supports it, widget support is available because I'm nice like that.
  • Publish a new post in wp-admin and the meta box to send a notification email about the new post will be displayed. click this button and bam !!!! notified.

Issues & Ideas

Feel free to post any ideas or suggestions on the issues tab. You can also contact me via Twitter @mintuz