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Minutemailer API PHP Library

This library allows you to quickly get started with the Minutemailer API via PHP. Libraries for other languages will come soon.

Before you get started, read the API documentation.


$ composer require minutemailer/api or download the php-file Minutemailer.php if you are not using composer.


First you need to create an API token. You can do so by logging in to your Minutemailer account and go to the API settings page.

Make sure the file is loaded, either by require 'vendor/autoload.php' if you are using composer or require 'path/Minutemailer.php' if you are not.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$personalAccessToken = 'myAccessToken';

$client = new Minutemailer\Minutemailer($personalAccessToken);
$response = $client->contact_lists('123abc')->subscribe([
    'name'  => 'Firstname Lastname',
    'email' => ''

Email is required and name is optional. $response will be filled with the contact data if the request is valid. Otherwise, an error will be returned.

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