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The Dutch government reserves all rights to the works that belong to the Dutch Government published on this GitHub account. Nevertheless, reuse is permitted under the following conditions.

First - The work that is created in the Covid19 context, such as the notification app, is available under the EUPL/1.2 license; and any outside contributions to it are under an individual Committer License Agreement (iCLA) that references this license explicitly.

However - that does not mean that all (derived) work is solely under that single license. For example - where appropriate certain (open source) modules may be required and included. These will remain under their original Copyright and License (though some may be released under the EUPL/1.2 if they are unsuitable to be contributed back upstream).

Secondly – The documents of this project that are held in the directory ‘documentation’ are released under the CC0 license (see If you use (parts) of these documents, you are not obliged to quote the source, but you must not imply that the Dutch government endorses the derivative work.

The CC0 does not apply to:

  • Patent rights and trademark rights.
  • Third-party rights.

Finally – The EUPL 1.2 and the CC0 do not apply to photos, videos, infographics or other forms of images. It is therefore not permitted to reuse or transfer the image, unless the image explicitly states that it is permitted or you have received written permission of the Dutch Government. Such permission will not be withheld on unreasonable grounds.

-- v1.01 / 2020-5-26