Translation manager for Plone / LinguaPlone websites
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Translation manager and helper for Plone CMS / LinguaPlone sites.


  • Force admin language: Useful e.g. for when admin needs to work with languages they are not familiar with. Very useful for strange languages (from western point of view) like China, Japanese or Russian. You can set this language in the control panel.
  • Translations Manager: A menu item for the admins in the user menu. This allows you to batch enter translated content and quickly get overview what contents still needs to be translated.


Admin language behavior

By default the forced admin language is handled by overriding language when doing look-ups for plone and collective.* gettext translation domains. The logic here is that these language strings are used by the management interface.

The actual language is not switched in any point: changing the language itself would cause site behavior differense in folder contents, search and other content listing views making administrative tasks impossible.

Translation manager

The Translation Manager is effective in the current folder and all its childred: if you have a site with a lot of content you might want to invoke Translation Manager one folder by at the time and not in the site root due to speed issues of locating translated content.


Mikko Ohtamaa

Mikel Larreategi

Special thanks for Andreas Jung for providing support with the code.