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Override user interface language setting
# W0703:105,11:_patched_translate: Catching too general exception Exception
# pylint: disable=W0703
import logging
from AccessControl import getSecurityManager
from zope.component import getUtility, ComponentLookupError
from Products.CMFCore import permissions
from Products.CMFCore.interfaces import IContentish, IFolderish
from plone.registry.interfaces import IRegistry
from interfaces import IAddonSpecific
from settings import ISettings
logger = logging.getLogger("silvuple")
def find_context(request):
"""Find the context from the request
published = request.get('PUBLISHED', None)
context = getattr(published, '__parent__', None)
if context is None:
context = request.PARENTS[0]
return context
def get_editor_language(request):
Get editor language override if Silvuple is installed.
cached = getattr(request, "_cached_admin_language", None)
if cached:
return cached
if not IAddonSpecific.providedBy(request):
# Add on is not active
return None
context = find_context(request)
# Filter out CSS and other non-sense
# IFolderish check includes site root
if not (IContentish.providedBy(context) or IFolderish.providedBy(context)):
# Early terminate
return None
# Check if we are the editor
if not getSecurityManager().checkPermission("silvuple: ViewInSilvupleLanguage", context):
# Anon visitor, normal language ->
return None
# Will raise an exception if is not quick installed
registry = getUtility(IRegistry)
# Will raise exception if your product add-on installer has not been run
settings = registry.forInterface(ISettings)
except (KeyError, ComponentLookupError):
# Registry schema and actual values do not match
# Quick installer has not been run or need to rerun
# to update registry.xml values to database
return None
# Read language from settings
language = settings.adminLanguage
if language:
# Fake new language for all authenticated users
request._cached_admin_language = language
return language
return None
def is_editor_language_domain(domain):
Filter to check which gettext domains will get forced to be in english always.
return domain.startswith("plone") or domain.startswith("collective") or domain == "linguaplone"
_unpatched_translate = None
def _patched_translate(self, msgid, mapping=None, context=None,
target_language=None, default=None):
""" TranslatioDomain.translate() patched for editor language support
:param context: HTTPRequest object
# Override translation language?
if is_editor_language_domain(self.domain):
language = get_editor_language(context)
if language:
target_language = language
except Exception as e:
# Some defensive programming here
logger.error("Admin language force patch failed")
#print "_patched_translate: %s: %s, %s" % (msgid, self.domain, target_language)
return _unpatched_translate(self, msgid, mapping, context, target_language, default)
from zope.i18n.translationdomain import TranslationDomain
_unpatched_translate = TranslationDomain.translate
TranslationDomain.translate = _patched_translate