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Merged dev branch features into master #28

wants to merge 68 commits into from

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hieuh25 commented Jun 28, 2013

No description provided.

ztane and others added some commits Jan 10, 2013
@ztane ztane Merge bd78578
@ztane ztane Ask before upgrading ztanesh files from git. b0c98b3
@ztane ztane Removed oh-my-zsh autocorrection altogether as it wouldn't have worke…
…d anyway.
@ztane ztane fixed READNULLCMD 706166d
@ztane ztane removed oh-my-zsh style autoupgrade. b81844c
@ztane ztane Fixed keybindings in debian / ubuntu zsh 5.0.0.
Well, your opinion might vary :D
@ztane ztane xforward-command written in pure python :D c2da766
@ztane ztane added basic xlib code, ztanesh-python-runner command :) d10421c
@ztane ztane rudimentary client + server stuff 136b6a7
@ztane ztane some rudimentary communication works :P 6ff1d95
@ztane ztane Demo displays better messages now; some errors fixed. a601340
@ztane ztane Added explanation of the x client, many fixes and small details. 7b7619c
@ztane ztane rewrote lsx in python. a910322
@ztane ztane better colortester baa2a8a
@ztane ztane colortest in python, last colorized ls fully written in python. 4b40d10
@ztane ztane Ask before upgrading ztanesh files from git. 8b72db1
Hieu Nguyen Misc fixes for Homebrew installation c990939
Hieu Nguyen Merge branch 'dev' of git:// into dev d93d3d0
@miohtama Merge pull request #14 from H25/master
Misc fixes for OSX installation
@miohtama Merged master changes 648630b
@miohtama Correcly set path of Macports GNU userland 306a23c
@miohtama Started to annotate prompt code b478444
@miohtama BSD userland fixes. Correctly use Macports et. al. 659858f
@miohtama Shortened syntax for setting dir colors 07c9d88
@miohtama Added command line highlighitng 166fb86
@miohtama Updated README e225643
@miohtama Adding branch info and root color fix 331e338
@ztane ztane made more zsh by using [[ $() etc more consistently 7ffeb68
@ztane ztane merged remote
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dev'

@ztane ztane merged dev branch again.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mikkomaster/dev'

@ztane ztane more cleanups 4a1197f
@miohtama Disabled cursor highlighter as it makes cursor behavior less usable 96786f6
@miohtama Removed underlining, blue from highlighting. 6f2272a
@ztane ztane Remerged mikko's code.
Merge branch 'dev' of
@ztane ztane Added aliases for OpenOffice to LibreOffice c654e90
@ztane ztane Started colorizer work. 70f6b59
@ztane ztane made to work with py25? python2 wrapper in ~/tools/binfix 902fc6d
@ztane ztane actually commit the said python2 support 0aa4288
@ztane ztane fixed rainbow parade to use python2, fixed path setting. a005e48
@ztane ztane made to ignore python2 symlink dbb5da6
@ztane ztane added docs 7cf35c3
@ztane ztane colorizer about works now :) e2a19da
@ztane ztane commed a new version of acoc. c512b44
@ztane ztane Merge branch 'dev' of into dev fceaf3a
@ztane ztane some fixes, blink colors supported, colorings for svn 06ef839
@ztane ztane removed crappy perl colorsvn, added new python acoc for command color…
@ztane ztane made nocolor work with lsx, acoc commands. 8f2ae25
@ztane ztane fixed intercept to use line by line reads where possible. 58ed03b
@ztane ztane some more svn colorings, support for red background (what else could …
…you need ;)
@ztane ztane fixed svn & other acoc command completion 052c1a4
@ztane ztane fixed setup-skel 69e05fe
@ztane ztane some dircolors fixed 7c4d2ec
@ztane ztane fixes in compile, uninstall; removed backticks in favor of $() 638de69
@ztane ztane fixed lsx user coloring. 6e4603b
@ztane ztane color supplementary groups for effective user id in output c2838c4
@ztane ztane acoc -> peacock a346cff
@ztane ztane try to work more intelligently when pseudoterminal output is directed…
… into a pipe :)
Hieu Nguyen Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 009a797
Hieu Nguyen Merged from upstream dev branch and fixed crashing bug that prevents …
Hieu Nguyen Update README.rst 7a5cb23

We need to confirm whether colored shell typing works on OSX. Last time this dev branch did not work on my OSX.

hieuh25 commented Jun 30, 2013

Ok, it works at least on both my Macbook Pro and Mac Mini, both run OSX 10.8. The dev branch worked for OSX 10.6 before but I upgraded it some days ago.

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