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Repo used while learning Swift
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Angela Yu
Audi RS
Basic Implimintations/Basic Tableview
Collection Views Pt. 2
Collection Views
Gus Heads
Incident Time
Other Learning Apps
Pass Data
Passing Data
Practice Stuff
Practices Classes & Objects
QR Code
VW Golf
VW Mk2


This is a repo where I will keep all of the work I've done while learning Swift.

  • Starting off with the Devslopes Swift 4 course
  • Completed - Hacking with Swift: Book 1
  • Going through Hacking with Swift: Book 1 while on the bus
  • Other projects are self experiments
  • The Angela Yu folder is the folder that I will be working through the Angela Yu course on Udemey

Section: 13

Section Header: 169

Concepts Folder

The concepts folder contains a app ideas that I start before putting them in their own repo.

Character Builder

This is a pencil/paper RPG charactor builder and tracker app

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