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gnome-breakout is an Arkonoid clone I wrote over a decade ago. It landed me
my first full time job as a developer.

I've put the code up on github for archival.

Original README follows.


This is a development release of a GNOME clone of the classic arcade game,
Breakout. Some common questions:

Q: Just what is Breakout, anyway?
A: Play the game, and find out.

Q: Doesn't GNOME have enough games?
A: You can never have enough games.

Q: Are you going to ever write anything useful in C? First ripple, now this.
A: I have, but I doubt that my previous employer would like it if I gave the
   world the source. Which is a pity, because they were really useful bits of

Q: I'd like to write some more levels for GNOME Breakout. How can I do this?
A: Take a look at the .gbl files in the levels directory. At the moment
   there's no documentation for creating levels, but it's pretty 

Q: I've played both Arkanoid and Breakout to death, and this doesn't have half
   the features of either. Whats up?
A: I haven't gotten around to them yet. If you'd like to see a certain feature,
   either write it yourself or mail me with your idea. If I like it, I'll
   implement it myself. 

Q: File foo.c impliments glaring-design-bug-bar. Why is this?
A: It does? Oh. I didn't know that. Either re-impliment it properly, or tell
   me about it so I can re-impliment it myself.

Q: GNOME Breakout's behavior is non-GNOME-compliant. What are you going to do
   about this?
A: Again, either re-impliment it, or tell me about it. I've tried to make this
   as GNOME-compliant as possible, but it is my first GNOME project.

Q: You just made these questions up, didn't you?
A: Yes.

A: 42.
Q: I'll get back to you on that..


(orphaned) Arkanoid clone for GNOME, circa 1999




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