MIP (移动网页加速器)通过优化网页JS、控制资源加载顺序,达到加速网页的效果。
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What is MIP

MIP (Mobile Instant Pages) can make web pages open fast by optimizing javascript and resources.


A carousel effect can be as easy as below:

<script async src="https://c.mipcdn.com/static/v1/mip.js"></script>
    <mip-img src="01.jpg"></mip-img>
    <mip-img src="02.jpg"></mip-img>
    <mip-img src="03.jpg"></mip-img>

Fast. Most pages build by MIP will load in 1 second.
Easy to use. Use components to assemble a page, no need to write javascript.
Load on demand. Both images and scripts are load on demand, minify network resources.

Build a MIP Page

Currently, all of the tutorials are written in Chinese. If you need an english version, please submit an issue to let us know.

How to contribute?

If you have suggestions to a function or extensions, feel free to report an issue or make a pull request.

If code are modified, run npm install, npm run build to build a mip.js for preview.

Before adding a pull request, make sure:

  1. Use Vanilla JS.
  2. Write corresponding unit test, and nail it.
  3. Use simple and clear comments in english.
  4. Pass Fecs code style check.



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