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Exporting the
Input Data
Tariff plan and rate


Documentation for the project Chargeback in ManageIQ (

There are several places for the documentation:

  • What are seeing know is the user and administrator documentation.
  • You can find requirements in the document
  • Developer documentation is in the code :D

Please go the wiki ( to see and make changes on the requirements

You can also look at the documentation for:

  • Tariff plan and rate definitions. How we are rating. Tiers, discounts, definitions, all there
  • Guiding: associating rates to groups. You need to associate rates to users or groups, here you can find how.
  • Exporting the data: how to create chargeback reports and CDR. Sometimes you don't just rate, you need to use that information somewhere.
  • CDR description: a quick description of CDR format. Exporting is good, and with this you can feed a rating engine or an ERP
  • Input data description. How to make external data into the application. Let's make it a generic tool

Our current roadmap and Scrum board is at:

And we have a blog if you want to know how things are going with the project itself, is Open Source: