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Welcome to the charging-docs wiki!

This is a wiki to gather requirements and information about chargeback as they are implemented in ManageIQ. It is also trying to reflect some views about what a cloud is, what is important and distinctive in a cloud environment, and thus differentiate from other implementations.

All contributions are welcome and appreciated... Please send your comments and changes and we will adopt them.

Please have a look at to see what we are currently developing.

Background info:

What is a cloud? The reference definition by NIST NIST-definition-for-a-cloud

A standard definition of how billing is done from metering to collections: The-Billing-process

Some definitions of what we understand for charging and billing: Charging-Concepts

List of requirements:

Getting the information from different sources: Requirements:-Collection-and-Mediation

Finding the user and applying the rates Requirements:-Guiding-and-Rating

Getting the information to the customer (or to an external rating engine): Requirements:-Reporting-and-Outbound

Other requirements: Requirements:-Other

References to bugzilla



Keep up to date on the wider project, in our blog:

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