GEAR_mc is a fork of Jeremie Passerin's GEAR project.
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GEAR_mc is a fork of Jeremie Passerin's GEAR project for Softimage.

GEAR is an open source project to provide a complete and production quality toolset for rigging and animation inside Autodesk Softimage�. It includes a lot of things to ease the rigging and animation workflows.

Anyone should be able to build custom rigs using GEAR. It has been designed to be flexible and relatively easy to use. Even non-riggers can create advanced rigs and animate them easily, but the system is also open to further expansion so TDs can create their own "components" and use them inside of the GEAR Rigging System. Furthermore, everything is accessible through scripting with a complete API to automate as much as possible.


The Master:,

The Padawan:

Official GEAR documentation:

API Docs:

WHAT'S THE NEW (from the original GEAR):

-New Menu re-arrange
-New Facial components
-New options for icon creator
-Selection sets and poseLib not part of Gear
-poseLib should work now in Linux (but not tested)
-Zipper tool for curves
-New solvers
-Wireframe color tool
-Guides support for store wireframe color
-New commands for inspect Guides PPG and solvers options
-Command for merge symmetry mapping templates.

Video tutorials (Provided by TD Survival ;)

001 - installation
002 - icons
003 - zipper
004 - wireframe colorizer
005 - solvers


BIG THANKS to Jeremie for the original code and all the help.
BIG THANKS to Sly and PH from Shed Montreal to allow me to release some internal code for the poseLib, selection sets and some of the facial components.
BIG THANKS to Helge for the original cpp solvers :)