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Siafu, the Context Simulator

Siafu Screehshot

So, what is Siafu?

Siafu is a versatile, large-scale Context Simulator written in Java. Download it, create or modify a scenario and fire it up. Your simulated world includes models for agents, places and the context therein. By tweaking these models, you influence the scenario, and can collect the context data for any of your agents.

Fine, what do I do with it?

Glad you asked! Essentially: visualize your context information, generate datasets for machine learning, test and demonstrate your applications.

Siafu can generate its own context and at the same time incorporate the one you obtain from your sensors. The information can then be visualized with a user interface, or you can generate datasets for machine learning. By plugging an application to it, you can test and demonstrate the effects of context changes on it. Here's how a setup can look like:

Siafu typical setups image

Grab Siafu, get one of the existing Simulations or create your own using this tutorial. Siafu is released under the GPL license, enjoy and tell us how it worked out!

Remember, this is an open source project, you are very welcome to contribute to Siafu, publish your simulation, or give us a link to whatever it is you used it for!

Existing simulations are large as a city, small as an office and any anything in between. Simulated context includes user preferences, proximity information, position, hotspot coverage and well, really, anything you care to simulate.

More info?

Make sure to check the project's website at and of course, let's keep a good Q&A going on using github's wiki and issue features.

Have a lot of fun!

- The Siafu team


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