Automated Planning Toolkit

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The Automated Planning Toolkit (aptk) is the result of a major effort to develop a framework for writing domain-independent planners which offered clean and clear programming interfaces. The inspiration for investing time & effort into this is that we (Miquel Ramírez and Nir Lipovetzky) wanted to work in an environment which constrained us the least. We didn't feel too comfortable developing our research by just "commenting out" stuff in existing planning systems and introducing ours.

This project is in its very initial stages: we don't really have any coding standards set, nor a development agenda, nor things have been thought out to fit into any particular application. At the time of writing this (June 2011) what you'll find here is a very basic planner that shows how to use the existing classes to build your own planner (or to embed the existing planning engine into another application). We'll developing our research on top of aptk, so over time we will be adding whatever we found to be useful and wasn't already present in the toolkit. We also welcome anybody in the planning community to contribute into aptk, either by just using it - and finding those bugs we didn't - or by submitting code implementing stuff they feel should be in an "Automated Planning Toolkit". We only request two things from you. First, to abide to the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License ( Second, to be nice and drop a note on us telling about what you plan to add or what you think should be changed.

We would like to thank the following people for having contributed (indirectly) to this toolkit by having provided us with ideas on "how to write a planner" by publishing or sharing their own planning systems. In no particular order:

  • Blai Bonet
  • Joerg Hoffman
  • Patrik Haslum
  • Malte Helmert

Quoting Joerg's remark on FF source code, "have fun"!

Miquel Ramirez ( Nir Lipovetzky (

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