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React Virtual List

Virtual vertical list component in React. Displays thousands of items without breaking a sweat!


This component allows to create very long lists that work extremely fast. This is achieved by rendering only the part of the list visible on the viewport.



The library is released as UMD module. Just load it in any way you like. If you include it directly on the web page it is exposed as VirtualList global.

The component accepts the following props:

  • items (array, default: []) - array of all list items.
  • itemFactory (function, required) - the function that receives item as param and renders single list item as ReactElement.
  • itemHeight (number, required) - the height of the item in pixels. It has to be set in CSS rules as well.
  • bufferSize (number, default: 0) - the number of items that may be rendered before and after the visible part of the list.
  • viewport (DOMElement, default: window) - the element that contains the list. Use this if you want to place list inside a scrollable container.
  • tagName (string, default: ul) - tag name of the container that contains list items.


var items = [];

for (var i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    items.push({ number: i });

function createItem(item, props, state) {
    return <li key={ item.number }>Item #{ item.number }><li>;

<VirtualList items={ items } itemFactory={ createItem } itemHeight={ 100 } />


The MIT License (MIT). Copyright (c) 2016 mirz (