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use = egg:gunicorn
host =
port = 5000
workers = 1
timeout = 30
use = egg:syncserver
# This must be edited to point to the public URL of your server,
# i.e. the URL as seen by Firefox.
public_url =
# This defines the database in which to store all server data.
sqluri = sqlite:////opt/syncserver/syncserver_data.db
# This is a secret key used for signing authentication tokens.
# It should be long and randomly-generated.
# The following command will give a suitable value on *nix systems:
# head -c 20 /dev/urandom | sha1sum
# If not specified then the server will generate a temporary one at startup.
# Set this to "false" to disable new-user signups on the server.
# Only request by existing accounts will be honoured.
allow_new_users = true
# Set this to "true" to work around a mismatch between public_url and
# the application URL as seen by python, which can happen in certain reverse-
# proxy hosting setups. It will overwrite the WSGI environ dict with the
# details from public_url. This could have security implications if e.g.
# you tell the app that it's on HTTPS but it's really on HTTP, so it should
# only be used as a last resort and after careful checking of server config.
force_wsgi_environ = true
# Uncomment and edit the following to use a local BrowserID verifier
# rather than posting assertions to the mozilla-hosted verifier.
# Audiences should be set to your public_url without a trailing slash.
#backend = tokenserver.verifiers.LocalVerifier
#audiences = https://localhost:5000
# By default, syncserver will accept identity assertions issues by
# any server. You can restrict this by setting the below to a list
# of allowed issuer domains.
allowed_issuers =