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To keep the deprecated apkbuilder tool alive should it break.
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Latest commit a43666c Xavier Ducrohet committed with Android Code Review Merge "Move the sdk io classes to common.jar"
Failed to load latest commit information.
androidprefs Merge 74f725d from master: Add snapshot handling for AVD creation, de…
anttasks Move the sdk io classes to common.jar
apkbuilder Move Apkbuilder into sdklib.
archquery snapshot
build Add common.jar to the SDK build.
common Move the sdk io classes to common.jar
ddms Merge "Add datetime postfix to default file name when showing save sc…
docs Move WST doc to sdk/docs.
draw9patch Prevent java.lang.ArithmeticException in draw9patch
dumpeventlog Update the ddmlib api for push/pull/install
eclipse Move the sdk io classes to common.jar
emulator Merge "Emugen : A tool to generate wire protocol code"
eventanalyzer Update the ddmlib api for push/pull/install
files Add min-platform-tools-rev to the tools
hierarchyviewer Renaming
hierarchyviewer2 Integrate c033675 from master.
ide_common Remove some non needed asserts.
layoutlib_api Add to layoutlib_api the ability to do layout only.
layoutopt Fix HierarchyViewer's loupe mode. It was displaying black with 2.0+ d…
monkeyrunner Fix -v logging level flag.
ninepatch Move ninepatch tests from layoutlib to sdk where ninepatch lives.
screenshot Update the ddmlib api for push/pull/install
sdklauncher Merge "SDK Launcher: add win32 app manifest" into tools_r7
sdkmanager Move the sdk io classes to common.jar
sdkstats Fix NON-NLS tokens
templates Ant tasks and dependency clean up.
testapps Change the JavaGenerator to handle output and dependencies.
traceview Add support for CTRL+click on the method in Traceview.
.gitignore Add ability to detect incomplete test runs to InstrumentationResultPa… Add an empty
changes.txt Udpate changelog after tools_r9 was updated to a newer version of mas…
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