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__all__ = ('matcher',)
class matcher(object):
"""A global object similar to the joiner() and cycler() builtins.
{% set cur_pag_mark = matcher(PAGE, 'class="active"'|safe) %}
<a {{ cur_pag_mark('index') }}></a>
<a {{ cur_pag_mark('contact') }}></a>
The example shows how to use the matcher to easily flag the current
page link within a navigation.
For more complex cases, say a nested navigation, the first argument
to matcher() may be an iterable, in which case any one of the giving
values can cause a match:
{% set cur_pag_mark = matcher(('projects', 'plasma'), 'class="active"'|safe) %}
<a {{ cur_pag_mark('products') }}></a>
<a {{ cur_pag_mark('plasma') }}></a>
<a {{ cur_pag_mark('lcd') }}></a>
Note: the ``jinja2utils.Stack`` object is something that fits well here.
def __init__(self, cmp_value, match_insert, no_match=''):
except TypeError:
self.cmp_values = [cmp_value]
self.cmp_values = cmp_value
self.match_insert = match_insert
self.no_match = no_match
def __call__(self, *items):
for item in items:
if item in self.cmp_values:
return self.match_insert
return self.no_match