My personal collection of custom logcheck rules, and a small script to apply them.
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My personal collection of custom logcheck rules

  1. Check the repository into a location like:


    Don't forget to set the permissions correctly. Usually, the group is set to the logcheck user, and nothing is world-readable:

    chown -R :logcheck /etc/logcheck/custom.ignore.d
    chmod -R o= /etc/logcheck/custom.ignore.d
    find /etc/logcheck/custom.ignore.d -type d | xargs chmod g+s
  2. Run


    This will link the custom rule files into the appropriate logcheck ignore directories.

    Note that by default it will assume to be located in a directory within a standard /etc/logcheck directory structure, and will sync the rules of the SYSTEM EVENTS layer into all report levels (workstation, server, paranoid).