Send SMS notifications on Synology NAS via Sipgate.
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Using Sipgate for SMS notifications on a Synology NAS

The Synology OS (DSM 3.0) supports sending SMS notifications by posting to a HTTP url. Sipgate offers a SMS gateway, and an XMLRPC-based API.

This is a small script to bridge the Synology SMS feature to Sipgate by running a tiny HTTP service locally on your NAS, which accepts the URL parameters passed to it, and converts them into a Sipgate API call.


This script is written in Python, which isn't installed by default, so we install it first:

$ ipkg install python27

If you don't have ipkg installed yet, see:,_bootstrap,_ipkg_etc#How_to_install_ipkg

Let's install the tarball:

$ cd /opt/local
$ curl -L | tar -xzv
$ mv miracle2k-synology-sipgate-sms-* sipgate-sms

Create the configuration file (no need to change it, normally):

$ cd /opt/local/sipgate-sms
$ cp

Enable the daemon to autostart:

$ cp /opt/local/sipgate-sms/initd-script /opt/etc/init.d/S10sipgate-sms

Start the daemon:

$ /opt/etc/init.d/S10sipgate-sms start

Now, in the Synology Admin GUI, setup the SMS provider (Control Panel -> Notification -> SMS -> SMS service provider -> Add). Name the new provider "Sipgate" and use the following url:


Press "Next", and assign the proper category for each parameter.

Press the "Send a test SMS message" button to test.


You can run ./ on the console to get output. Alternatively, when running as a daemon, a log file will be created in /var/log/sipgate-sms.log. You can modify it's location in the file.