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import time
import os, subprocess
import tempfile
from webassets.filter import Filter
from webassets.exceptions import FilterError
__all__ = ('LessFilter',)
class LessRubyFilter(Filter):
"""Converts `Less <>`_ markup to real CSS.
This uses the old Ruby implementation available in the 1.x versions
of the less gem. All 2.x versions of the gem are wrappers around
the newer NodeJS/Javascript implementation, which you are generally
encouraged to use, and which is available in webassets via the
``less`` filter.
This filter for the Ruby version is being kept around for
If you want to combine it with other CSS filters, make sure this
one runs first.
# XXX Deprecate this one.
XXX: Depending on how less is actually used in practice, it might actually
be a valid use case to NOT have this be a source filter, so that one can
split the css files into various less files, referencing variables in other
files' - without using @include, instead having them merged together by
django-assets. This will currently not work because we compile each
file separately, and the compiler would fail at undefined variables.
name = 'less_ruby'
options = {
'less': ('binary', 'LESS_RUBY_PATH')
def first(self, _in, out, source_path, output_path):
"""Less currently doesn't take data from stdin, and doesn't allow
us from stdout either. Neither does it return a proper non-0 error
code when an error occurs, or even write to stderr (stdout instead)!
Hopefully this will improve in the future:
# TODO: Use NamedTemporaryFile.
outtemp_name = os.path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(),
'assets_temp_%d.css' % int(time.time()))
proc = subprocess.Popen(
[self.less or 'lessc', source_path, outtemp_name],
# shell: necessary on windows to execute
# ruby files, but doesn't work on linux.
shell=( == 'nt'))
stdout, stderr = proc.communicate()
# less only writes to stdout, as noted in the method doc, but
# check everything anyway.
if stdout or stderr or proc.returncode != 0:
if os.path.exists(outtemp_name):
raise FilterError(('less: subprocess had error: stderr=%s, '+
'stdout=%s, returncode=%s') % (
stderr, stdout, proc.returncode))
outtemp = open(outtemp_name)
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