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The environment

.. currentmodule:: webassets.env

The environment has two responsibilities: One, it acts as a registry for bundles, meaning you only have to pass around a single object to access all your bundles.

Also, it holds the configuration.

Registering bundles

Bundles can be registered with the environment:

my_bundle = Bundle(...)
environment.register('my_bundle', my_bundle)

A shortcut syntax is also available - you may simply call register() with the arguments which you would pass to the Bundle constructor:

environment.register('my_bundle', 'file1.js', 'file2.js', output='packed.js')

The environment allows dictionary-style access to the registered bundles:

>>> len(environment)

>>> list(environment)
[<Bundle ...>]

>>> environment['my_bundle']
<Bundle ...>


The environment supports the following configuration options:

.. autoattribute::

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.url

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.debug

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.auto_build

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.url_expire

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.versions

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.manifest

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.cache

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.load_path

.. autoattribute:: webassets.env.Environment.url_mapping

Filter configuration

In addition to the standard options listed above, you can set custom configuration values using Environment.config. This is so that you can configure filters through the environment:

environment.config['sass_bin'] = '/opt/sass/bin/sass')

This allows the :ref:`Sass filter <filters-sass>` to find the sass binary.

Note: Filters usually allow you to define these values as system environment variables as well. That is, you could also define a SASS_BIN environment variable to setup the filter.

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