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2.0.0 (2009-05-27)
* Cupcake now features a "Wi-Fi sleep policy" setting that sort of
obsoletes our core functionality. Instead, when running on Cupcake,
we now simply function as a quick-toggle tool for said setting.
1.1.2 (2009-04-26)
* Exclude ourselves from recent activities list (suggested by Mariano
* Better handle quick toggling, by reusing an existing toast rather
than queuing them.
* Increased perceived speed by using an autostart setting rather than
disabling the boot receiver (slow!).
* Added German localization.
1.1.0 (2009-03-12)
* Added boot persistence.
* Fixed Typo in toast message.
1.0.1 (2009-02-25)
* No longer show notifications when service is auto-restarted by Android.
1.0.0 (2009-02-24)
Initial release.