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@CraigFe CraigFe released this Jan 12, 2021 · 10 commits to master since this release


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@CraigFe CraigFe released this Jun 26, 2020 · 619 commits to master since this release



  • irmin:

  • ppx_irmin

    • Added support for the @nobuiltin attribute, which can be used when
      shadowing primitive types such as unit. See README_PPX for details.
      (#993, @CraigFe)

    • Added support for a lib argument, which can be used to supply primitive
      type representations from modules other than Irmin.Type. (#994, @CraigFe)


  • irmin:

    • Require OCaml 4.07 (#961, @CraigFe)

    • Add sanity checks when creating Irmin.Type records, variants and enums
      (#956 and #966, @liautaud):

      • Irmin.Type.{sealr,sealv,enum} will now raise Invalid_argument if two
        components have the same name;
      • Irmin.Type.{field,case0,case1} will now raise Invalid_argument if
        the component name is not a valid UTF-8 string.
    • Changed the JSON encoding of options and unit to avoid ambiguous cases
      (#967, @liautaud):

      • () is now encoded as {};
      • None is now encoded as null;
      • Some x is now encoded as {"some": x};
      • Fields of records which have value None are still omitted;
      • Fields of records which have value Some x are still unboxed into x.
    • Changed pretty-printing of Irmin types to more closely resemble OCaml types.
      e.g. pair int string prints as int * string. (#997, @CraigFe)

    • The type Irmin.S.tree is now abstract. The previous form can be coerced
      to/from the abstract representation with the new functions
      Irmin.S.Tree.{v,destruct} respectively. (#990, @CraigFe)

  • irmin-mem

    • Stores created with KV now expose their unit metadata type. (#995,


  • irmin-graphql
    • Fixed an issue with keys inside get_{contents,tree} fields having
      incorrect ordering (#989, @CraigFe)
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@pascutto pascutto released this Feb 28, 2020 · 754 commits to master since this release



  • ppx_irmin (new):

    • Created a new package, ppx_irmin, which provides a PPX deriving plugin
      for generating Irmin generics.
  • irmin-unix:

    • Added a --hash parameter to the command-line interface, allowing the hash
      function to be specified. For BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s, the bit-length may be
      specified with a trailing slash, as in --hash=blake2b/16. The hash
      function may also be specified in the configuration file. (#898, @CraigFe)
  • irmin:

    • Added Irmin.Hash.Make_BLAKE2B and Irmin.Hash.Make_BLAKE2S functors for
      customizing the bit-length of these hash functions. (#898, @CraigFe)
    • Added iter function over a closure graph (#912, @ioana)
    • Added Type.pp_ty for pretty-printing Irmin generics. (#926, @CraigFe)
    • Added Merge.with_conflict for modifying the conflict error message of a
      merge function. (#926, @CraigFe)


  • irmin-pack:

    • Changed the bit-length of serialized hashes from 60 to 30. (#897,
    • integrity_check can now try to repair corrupted values. (#947, @pascutto)
  • irmin-graphql:

    • Changed default GraphQL type names to ensure uniqueness. (#944, @andreas)
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@samoht samoht released this Nov 20, 2019 · 904 commits to master since this release



  • irmin-pack (new):

    • Created a new Irmin backend, irmin-pack, which uses a space-optimised
      on-disk format.
  • irmin-graphql (new):

    • Created a new package, irmin-graphql, which provides a GraphQL server
      implementation that can be used with both the MirageOS and Unix backends.
      Additionally, a graphql command has been added to the command-line
      interface for starting irmin-graphql servers. (#558, @andreas, @zshipko)

    • Contents can now be queried directly using irmin-graphql with
      Irmin_graphql.Server.Make_ext and the Irmin_graphql.Server.PRESENTER
      interface. (#643, @andreas)

  • irmin-test (new):

    • Added a new package, irmin-test, which allows for packages to access the
      Irmin test-suite. This package can now be used for new packages that
      implement custom backends to test their implementations against the same
      tests that the core backends are tested against. (#508, @zshipko)
  • irmin-unix:

    • Add Cli module to expose some methods to simplify building command-line
      interfaces using Irmin. (#517, @zshipko)

    • Add global config file $HOME/.irmin/config.yml which may be overridden by
      either $PWD/.irmin.yml or by passing --config <PATH>. See irmin help irmin.yml for details. (#513, @zshipko)

  • irmin-git:

    • Allow import/export of Git repositories using Irmin slices. (#561, @samoht)
  • irmin-http:

    • Expose a /trees/merge route for server-side merge operations. (#714,
  • irmin:

    • Add Json_value and Json content types. (#516 #694, @zshipko)

    • Add optional seed parameter to the Irmin.Type generic hash functions.
      (#712, @samoht)

    • Add V1 submodules in Commit, Contents and Hash to provide
      compatibility with 1.x serialisation formats. (#644 #666, @samoht)

    • Add Store.last_modified function, which provides a list of commits where
      the given key was modified last. (#617, @pascutto)

    • Add a Content_addressable.unsafe_add function allowing the key of the new
      value to be specified explicitly (for performance reasons). (#783, @samoht)

    • Add save_contents function for saving contents to the database. (#689,

    • Add pretty-printers for the results of Sync operations. (#789, @CraigFe)

    • Private.Lock now exposes a stats function returning the number of held
      locks. (#704, @samoht)


  • irmin-unix:

    • Rename irmin read to irmin get and irmin write to irmin set. (#501,

    • Switch from custom configuration format to YAML. (#504, @zshipko)

  • irmin-git:

  • irmin-http:

    • Rename CLIENT to HTTP_CLIENT and simplify the signatures necessary to
      construct HTTP clients and servers. (#701, @samoht)
  • irmin-mirage

    • Split irmin-mirage into irmin-{mirage,mirage-git,mirage-graphql} to
      allow for more granular dependency selection. Any instances of
      Irmin_mirage.Git should be replaced with Irmin_mirage_git. (#686,
  • irmin:

    • Update to use dune (#534, @samoht) and opam 2.0. (#583, @samoht)

    • Replace Irmin.Contents.S0 with Irmin.Type.S.

    • Rename Type.pre_digest -> Type.pre_hash and Type.hash ->
      Type.short_hash. (#720, @samoht)

    • Change Irmin.Type to use incremental hash functions (functions of type
      'a -> (string -> unit) -> unit) for performance reasons. (#751, @samoht)

    • Simplify the constructor and add a new
      with the previous behaviour.

    • Improvements to Irmin.Type combinators. (#550 #538 #652 #653 #655 #656
      #688, @samoht)

    • Modify Store.set to return a result type and create a new Store.set_exn
      with the previous exception-raising behaviour. (#572, @samoht)

    • Rename store module types to be more descriptive:

      • replace Irmin.AO with Irmin.CONTENT_ADDRESSABLE_STORE;
      • replace Irmin.AO_MAKER with Irmin.CONTENT_ADDRESSABLE_STORE_MAKER;
      • replace Irmin.RW with Irmin.ATOMIC_WRITE_STORE;
      • replace Irmin.RW_MAKER with Irmin.ATOMIC_WRITE_STORE_MAKER. (#601,
    • Rename export_tree to save_tree (#689, @samoht) and add an option to
      conditionally clear the tree cache (#702 #725, @samoht).

    • Change hash function for Irmin_{fs,mem,unix}.KV to BLAKE2b rather than
      SHA1 for security reasons. (#811, @CraigFe)

    • Move Irmin.remote_uri to Store.remote, for stores that support remote
      operations. (#552, @samoht)

    • Simplify the error cases of fetch/pull/push operations. (#684, @zshipko)

    • A batch function has been added to the backend definition to allow for
      better control over how groups of operations are processed. (#609, @samoht)

    • A close function has been added to allow backends to close any held
      resources (e.g. file descriptors for the FS backend). (#845, @samoht)

    • Simplify Private.Node.Make parameters to use a simpler notion of 'path' in
      terms of a list of steps. (#645, @samoht)

    • Rename Node.update to Node.add. (#713, @samoht)


  • irmin-unix:

    • Fix parsing of commit hashes in revert command. (#496, @zshipko)
  • irmin-git:

  • irmin-http:

    • Respond with a 404 if a non-existent resource is requested. (#706, @samoht)
  • irmin:

    • Fix a bug whereby S.History.is_empty would return true for a store with
      exactly one commit. (#865, @pascutto)


  • irmin:
    • Remove pp and of_string functions from Irmin.Contents.S in favour of
      Irmin.Type.to_string and Irmin.Type.of_string.

    • Remove Bytes content type. (#708, @samoht)

    • Remove Cstruct dependency and content type. If possible, switch to
      Irmin.Contents.String or else use to wrap the Cstruct
      type. (#544, @samoht)

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@samoht samoht released this Jun 7, 2018 · 1864 commits to master since this release

1.4.0 (2018-06-06)

  • Add types for Contents.hash, Tree.hash and Commit.hash (#512, @samoht)
  • Tree.hash and Tree.of_hash now work on leaf nodes. To do this, Tree.hash
    has to return a more complex type (#512, @samoht)
  • support for webmachine 0.6.0 (#505, @ansiwen)
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@samoht samoht released this Jan 3, 2018 · 1864 commits to master since this release

1.3.3 (2018-01-03)

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@samoht samoht released this Nov 23, 2017 · 1869 commits to master since this release

1.3.2 (2017-11-22)

  • support OCaml 4.06 where -safe-string is enabled by default (#477, @djs55)
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@samoht samoht released this Aug 25, 2017 · 1881 commits to master since this release

1.3.1 (2017-08-25)

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@samoht samoht released this Aug 1, 2017 · 1886 commits to master since this release

1.3.0 (2017-07-27)


Add a new package: irmin-chunk, which was initially in a separate repository
created by @mounirnasrallah and @samoht and ported to the new Irmin API by
@g2p (#464)


Re-add the irmin binary, the example application which used to be
installed by irmin-unixbefore we switched to usejbuilder`
(#466, @samoht -- reported by @ouenzzo and @dudelson)


That releases saw a nice series of patches to improve the performance of
Irmin.Tree contributed by the Tezos team:

  • Improve complexity of Irmin.Tree operations: on trivial benchmarks with
    a lot of values, this patch introduces a 10-times speed-up
    (#457, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • Add missing equality for Irmin.Type primitives (#458, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • Change the type of Hash.digest to also take a type representation
    (#458, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • add Irmin.Type.{encode,decode}_cstruct (#458, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • remove Irmin.Contents.RAW (#458, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • avoid unecessary serialization and deserialization when computing hashes
    of cstructs (#459, @OCamlPro-Henry)

  • remove {Type,Merge}.int which might cause some issue on 32 bits platforms.
    Intead use the more explicit (and portable) {Type,Merge}.int32 or
    {Type,Merge}.int64 (#469, @samoht)

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@samoht samoht released this Jun 6, 2017 · 1970 commits to master since this release

1.2.0 (2017-06-06)

This release changes the build system to use
jbuilder. By doing so, it introduces
two new packages: irmin-mem and irmin-fs -- containing Irmin_mem and
Irmin_fs respectively. That release also fixes a bunch of regressions
introduced in the big 1.0 rewrite.



  • Fix Irmin.Contents.Cstruct: pretty-print the raw contents, not the hexdump
    (#442, @samoht)
  • Irmin.Hash.X.of_string should not raise an exception on invalid hash
    (#443, @samoht)


  • New package! Use it if you want to use the Irmin_mem module.


  • New package! Use it if you want to use the Irmin_fs module.


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