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@samoht samoht released this Nov 17, 2016 · 1887 commits to master since this release

0.12.0 (2016-11-17)

  • Depends on irmin-watcher 0.2.0 to use portable file-system watches
    (fsevents on OSX or inotify on Linux) to replace the slow and CPU
    intensive file-system polling that was the default (#380, @samoht)
  • Do not use Lwt_unix.fork in the tests anymore (#383, @samoht)
  • Switch from Stringext to Astring (#382, @samoht)
  • Fix regression in the tests for using Git over HTTP (#376, @samoht)
  • Catch top-level exceptions in watch callbacks (#375, @samoht)
  • Fix merge of assoc list with no common ancestor (#374, @samoht)
  • Improve documentation for Git bare repositories (#363, @kayceesrk)
  • New functor Make_with_metadata to customize the type of the
    nodes metadata (#364, @samoht)
  • Remove mentions of private modules from the public interface
    (#364, @samoht)
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