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0.3.0 (2015-11-11)

  • Support modular backends. Only available backends are compiled in by default.
  • Support xenctrl > 0.9.26
  • Support xen-api-client > 0.9.8
  • Add virtual packages for jitsu-libvirt, jitsu-libxl, jitsu-xapi
  • Update README with new installation instructions

0.2.1 (2015-15-19)

  • Add/fix support for multiple DNS entries per VM
  • Update storage backend to support latest Irmin API (0.10.0)
  • Add VERSION file to track version in builds and releases
  • Update README with links to paper and recent blog posts

0.2 (2015-17-08)


  • Add support for rumprun unikernels in libxl backend (rumprun_config option)
  • New configuration syntax with key/value pairs
  • VMs are now destroyed by default (was suspend, can be changed with -m)
  • Support for waiting for a key in Xenstore before sending DNS reply (wait_for_key option)
  • Support for setting fixed response delay per domain (response_delay option, overrides -d)
  • Support more than one DNS name per VM


  • All storage functionality moved to separate storage module
  • Irmin in-memory storage backend to store internal state
  • Add --persistdb parameter to persist Irmin db to disk


  • Add --synjitsu parameter to connect to Synjitsu
  • Support for optionally updating synjitsu with the MAC address of newly booted unikernels
  • Support for enabling/disabling synjitsu per domain (use_synjitsu option)

VM backends:

  • All VM management moved to backend modules that implement backends.mli
  • Libvirt support now in separate module
  • Add experimental XAPI backend support (from Masoud Koleini @koleini)
  • Add experimental libxl backend support (from Dave Scott @djs55)
  • Add disk support in libxl backend
  • Add support for multiple network interfaces and configuration scripts in libxl backend


  • Test framework based on alcotest added, but needs more tests
  • Implemented tests for


  • Destroyed domains can now be restarted (fixes #8)


  • Removed version number from opam file in dev repo
  • libvirt-dev, libvirt-bin added as depext in Debian and Ubuntu
  • conduit, vchan, xen-api-client added as opam dependencies
  • Update to ocaml-dns 0.15.3
  • Enable Travis on Github repository


  • First public release