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Set up your development environment

You need opam. You can install it by following opam's documentation.

With opam installed, you can install the dependencies in a new local switch with:

make switch

Or globally, with:

make deps

Then, build the project with:

make build

Running the server

After building the project, you can run the server with:

make start

The server runs on port 8080 by default. To change the port, set the MIRAGE_WWW_PORT environment variable:

MIRAGE_WWW_PORT=8088 make start

To start the server in watch mode, you can run:

make watch

This will restart the server on filesystem changes and reload the pages automatically.

MirageOS unikernel

Alternatively, the mirage/ folder implements the webserver as a MirageOS 4 unikernel. To set it up, install the mirage tool:

opam repo add mirage-dev # until MirageOS 4 is released
opam install "mirage>=4.0.0"

Then, the unikernel can be configured:

mirage configure -f mirage/ -t <TARGET> ...

Fetch the dependencies:

make depends

Build the unikernel:

dune build mirage/

Clean up:

mirage clean -f mirage/
rm -rf mirage/duniverse