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MirageOS Website

This repository contains the MirageOS public website,

It provides information about the project as well as the blog and wiki.

It also serves as a good first self-hosting test case.

Building with Docker

The easiest way to get started is to build using Docker:

docker build -t mirage-www .
docker run --rm -it --init -p 80:8080 mirage-www ./www --http-port 8080

Then browse to

You can build for other targets with e.g. docker build --build-arg TARGET=hvt ....

Building without Docker

To build this website, first use make prepare You can then build the mirage application in the src/ directory:

cd src && mirage configure && make


For unikernel configuration options, use mirage configure --help in src.

To update, send a pull request. When successfully merged, the OCurrent deployer at will build the new unikernel and deploy it to our hosting, where it should appear at See for the deployment pipeline.

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