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Upcoming agenda items for the fortnightly Mirage catchups on #mirage on FreeNode IRC.
Notes from previous calls are at (since April 2016, earlier are located at

Calls are open to all and announced on the mailing list. Dates listed here should be considered provisional.

TODO: Hannes suggests to use for future meetings or an imaginaryfriend with some topic features (and maybe voting)?

22 August 2018

  • your item here! (please @yournick)

8 August 2018

  • your item here! (please @yournick)

25 July 2018

  • visit from a mirage/qubes IRC client! (@reynir)
  • (carried over from July 11th) Idea: Generating .merlin file from (@reynir)

11 July 2018

  • Idea: Generating .merlin file from (@reynir)
  • OCaml 4.07 is out! :tada: (@yomimono)

27 June 2018

2 May 2018

18 April 2018

4 April 2018

21 March 2018

28 February 2018

  • the next bug cleaning day is friday, 2 March (@yomimono)
  • incoming splat of ci PRs courtesy of (@yomimono)
  • Solo5 upadtes, plus what to call the refactoring/feature branch on mirage/mirage (@mato)

14 February 2018

  • update on keepalives in tcp (@djs55)
  • update on solo5 developments (@mato)

31 January 2018

  • lars_kurth would like to know our official list of repos for MirageOS (is TROVE for still up-to-date?
  • Muen SK v0.9 released, which supports MirageOS subjects via solo5 :tada:
  • bug cleaning day on Friday 2nd February, coordinate on IRC (@yomimono)
  • no starch press is looking for an OCaml book author (see - in case you're interested, it's a fine publisher -- I'd be interested in contributing towards a MirageOS book, anyone else? (@hannesm)
  • fosdem this weekend (@hannesm)
  • Solo5 CI updates (@mato)
  • Discuss the best way to set up Mirage/Solo5 OPAM constraints so that I can start merging breaking PRs (@mato)

17 January 2018

  • GSoC / Pioneer Projects may need to be updated (hannes recently updated Canopy, but it seems like still contains data) @hannesm (by curtiousity of lars_kurth dropping by on IRC - who updated the xen project wiki to point to canopy for pioneer projects now) -- see also qubes devel thread mentioning MirageOS
  • FOSDEM 2018 (3 & 4 February in Brussels) (@hannesm)
  • bug cleaning days!? previous: 5th january, next: 2nd february (@hannesm)
  • hack retreat 2017: 7-18th March ( - pls sign up (@hannesm)
  • Thoughts on providing support for Dpdk and/or SR-IOV for solo5/mirageos (@niks3089)

3 January 2018

20 December 2017

  • meetup at 34c3: (28th December) from 14:00 on in front of the freie congress radio (CCL Ebene 1, Bankettraum 1)
  • also at 34c3: yomimono will talk about library operating systems on 30 Dec at 11:30CET in Saal Dijkstra
  • next bug cleaning day is Friday, 5th January 2018 (@yomimono)
  • hack retreat - reports coming in, next is lining up (@hannesm)
  • (ICFP paper: @samoht volunteers to drive this)
  • mirage-firewall: anyone want to support Qubes 4 rules? (@talex5)

6 December 2017

No meeting today!

22 November 2017

8 November 2017

  • reminder: bug cleaning day Friday 17th November 2017, coordinated on IRC (@hannesm, @yomimono, @djs55)

25th October 2017

11th October 2017

  • please sign up for the hack retreat (@yomimono on behalf of @hannesm)
  • capnp-rpc update (@talex5)
  • mirage-nat is in mirage org & released now, use it for all your ipv4 masquerading (@yomimono)
  • awa-ssh is serving SSH connections! (@hannes on behalf of @haesbaert)

27th September 2017

13th September 2017

  • upcoming MirageOS hackathon (@hannesm)
  • news from ICFP/CUFP/OCaml Workshop

30th August 2017

  • wee ICFP! (@Drup)
  • solo5, ARM, and mirage 3.1 (@yomimono hoping for an update from @mato)
  • supporting OCaml 4.05.0, deprecating 4.03.0 (@yomimono)
  • capnp-rpc update - @talex5

16th August 2017

  • capnp-rpc update - @talex5
  • moving project infrastructure machines around -- Computer Lab hosting is almost live - @avsm

2nd August 2017

  • forthcoming functoria/mirage releases (pending bugfixes) - @yomimono, but really a request for information from @avsm and @samoht
  • proposal to improve package quality: request for comments on @samoht
  • capnp-rpc update - @talex5
  • Recording IRC logs for fortnightly meetings (Does this still happen? asks @amirmc)

19th July 2017

5th July 2017

21 June 2017

  • project updates
  • Netmap on Solo5-ukvm status update @TImada
  • Wodan (mirage storage) status @g2p
  • other items, like yours!

7 June 2017

  • project updates
    • solo5 refactor (arm? muenSK?)
    • jbuilder ports?
    • capnp?
    • fuzzing all the things?
    • irmin (and rest api)?
    • dev reports: datakit, vpnkit, can we do mirage?
  • AOB item (@dstolfa)

24 May 2017

10 May 2017

  • Been experimenting with dev reports for some Moby projects using hesternus. See: datakit and vpnkit ones. Would this be useful for Mirage repo clusters? @avsm is happy to start them off and do bi-weekly. (@avsm)
  • The jbuilder shift continues and more libraries are shifting. Any comments on about this? The topkg/jbuilder integration now exists so releases of big things like datakit are pretty easy. (@avsm @samoht)
  • welcome David Udelson from GSoc! Working on Irmin HTTP REST API. (@samoht)
  • Solo5 multiarch status update. We have access to POWER hardware now thanks to IBM. (@mato @djwillia)
  • Mindy and Amir are at OSCON giving lots of Miragey talks!

26 April 2017

  • is live and is now hosted on a unikernel! Thanks, @mato! :tada:
  • could run our ( very own authoritative nameserver [as unikernel] - @avsm could you give us a zone dump? (@hannesm, after talking with @mato)
  • TCP is broken @hannesm (since 3.1.0)
  • anyone maintaining DNS? @hannesm
  • issue runthrough and tagging party on 9 May 2017, time TBA (constraints welcome) (@yomimono)
  • mirage-tcpip needs a rebase to reconstruct past history, is everyone ok with mirage-tcpip#270? (@avsm)
  • we have POWER and ARM hosting now -- thanks IBM and! (@avsm)
  • Mindy and Amir will be at OSCON talking about MirageOS 3.0 - spread the love!

12 April 2017

  • fix updates by 14 April or revert to GitHub wiki for pioneer projects (@yomimono)
  • almost building again, how to notify people of breakage? (@avsm)
  • hackathon writeup blog post: (@avsm @hannesm @gemmag)
  • headsup from the land of OPAM: lwt-3.0 is landing soon (@avsm)

28 March 2017

15 March 2017

  • hack retreat was great! thanks @hannesm :) writeups?
  • recent releases: mirage 3.0.1, mirage 3.0.2, tcpip 3.1.0, charrua 0.5
  • mentoring and projects - please review (data at and:
    • remove anything you know is outdated/not mentored
    • add anything you're interested in mentoring
  • MeetBot, can someone set this up?
  • GSoC/Outreachy candidates

1 March 2017

  • mirageos 3 was released on Thursday 23 Feb!!!
  • irmin 1.0 was released on Friday 24 Feb!!
  • hack retreat: many people are traveling today
  • Blog posts: who can write some and by when? (See mirage/mirage-www#513)

15 February 2017

gjaldon took notes for this meeting and made them available at . Thanks, gjaldon!

1 February 2017

  • MirageOS 3 beta - it's so great and extant!
  • revisions to introductory materials (@yomimono with thanks to @mor1)
  • opam build in opam2 fits nicely with workflow once you've done mirage configure - see
  • Migration docs for 2.x users (@avsm, as per mirage/mirage#592)
  • hack retreat update
  • state of tracing - @mor1 has a student who will be working with it soon

18 January 2017

4 January 2017

14 December

  • mirage-types API changes update & discussion (see the ongoing work around improving the interface's exposure of errors via result types is our last blocker for releasing MirageOS 3, and I (@yomimono) would greatly appreciate a sense of consensus around this issue.
    • FLOW.disconnect seems like a reasonable idea and unless there are objections @yomimono will attempt to include it this week.
  • CI: now active and tracking mirage-dev and mirage/opam-repository. (@avsm)
  • Mirage disk storage library RFC (@g2p)
  • Mirage feedback outcomes: I'm writing up a post about the results ( - still a rough WIP) but will use the feedback to generate some actions we might want to consider in the new year. Feedback welcome! Thanks again to those who participated. (@gemmag)
  • hackathon update (@hannesm)
  • come back to beta1 (@mato)

30 November

  • Review new workflow patches with opam generation (@mato requested)
  • Do we open our FLOW error type?
  • MirageOS CI is now live(ish) @avsm
  • Performance harness work started with Takayuki Imada, @avsm @mor1 (@avsm)
  • Aarch64 interest? (@avsm)
  • Ideas for new logo (@gemma-gordon)
  • MirageOS 3 Update (@yomimono)

16 November

  • Release schedule
    • @yomimono had hoped to tag a beta on Tuesday, but is still working on API-breaking changes. Please keep eyes open for message before the end of the week. (If you want to help, see discussions on moving errors to result types and propagating them up and down chains of functors.)
  • Compilers
    • current master of mirage-xen and mirage-solo5 should be able to handle 4.04; please report bugs
  • Tests
    • travis was erroneously testing only unix backend for mirage repo; now does container builds for unix/xen/virtio/ukvm
    • progress on using datakit-ci for mirage?
      • @yomimono: I see that exists, would be nice to hear from @avsm about its status
      • @avsm: infrastructure fails everywhere, am provisioning new bare metal machines for the CI to run reliably, via Scaleway (x86) and (ARM)
  • Compiler hacking - see for a writeup
    • anything that needs more work that participants want to draw attention to?
  • Performance harness - Takayuki Imada, Richard Mortier, @avsm to work on this for Mirage3 to run on an ongoing basis (issue to follow)

2 November

  • Solo5
    • TL;DR FreeBSD/bhyve is stable, Google Compute Engine support via solo5-mkimage
    • Consider doing a speculative refresh of the Solo5 C interfaces now, so that we go through any churn before 3.0 release rather than after?
  • Release:
  • Community
  • please fill in the anonymous google form with your feedback on the mirage call/catchup and general mirage issues. We've had 11 responses so far (thank you to those who participated!) but I have reopened it in the hope that we might get some more - tell me your views! (GemmaG)

19 October

  • Community
    • please fill in the anonymous google form with your feedback on the mirage call/catchup and general mirage issues. It will be closed on Monday 24th October. (from GemmaG)
  • compilers to target for MirageOS 3
  • MirageOS 3 API
  • MirageOS 3 targets
    • FreeBSD support via bhyve is coming along great thanks to @mato, @hannes, and @ricarkol's hard work
    • QubesOS currently stalled as @yomimono is distracted

5 October

  • Update on MirageOS announcement activity
  • MirageOS 3 API changes:
    • error handling
    • standardise on rresult?
    • hannes notes: result in mirage-types, define polyvar of error at top level (outside the module types) including a pp_error; rresult good for implementation libraries
      • yomimono: would be great to see proposals for specific polyvars there from someone who's used this style in a similarly general context
    • device connect
  • Mirage-dev status
    • 32bit testing anyone (on ARM)? Travis scripts using a 32bit compiler?
    • anyone already using 4.04?
      • (plan as yomimono understands it is to move support from 4.02/4.03 to 4.03/4.04 when 4.04 is released; it would be great to shake the bugs out early)

7 September

Mirage 3.0


  • Solo5 tasks relevant for Mirage 3.0:
  • @djwillia: Upcoming blog post about UKVM mentioning Solo5? Demonstrating how easy it is to add new backends with Mirage 3.0...

Pioneer Projects

  • Thanks for moving them over to Canopy, Hannes! (they are now here
  • Can everyone check any projects that they are mentoring to ensure they are up to date if not?
  • Can someone check tags? I used active project, head wanted for open ones, project done for finished ones. I also grouped some (like interfacing C and Irmin) which should be ungrouped and each subproject should have a slightly longer description.
  • Do we need more metadata in there? atm the author is either the person proposing/mentoring that project or the person doing that project, clearly we should record both. I removed Difficulty. See for feature requests
  • Time to add newly proposed projects? Propositions for new projects from @drup:
    • Unikernel gallery:
      • js_of_ocaml + Functoria
    • High level devices: Flexible API to cover all use cases for high level tasks
      Some suggestions for specific levels include:
      • deprecate mirage-seal
      • DNS server
      • syslogd device

Canopy use at ICFP

  • Features/elements we need for liveblogging/using Canopy during ICFP

Library Tracker

24 August

Mirage 3.0

Solo5 @DJWillia @mato

  • Wishlist for Mirage 3.0 - where best to put these? Add to above issue?

Library tracker

Pioneer Projects

  • Placement and details:
    • Move wiki content to canopy/other page that is easier to see? @engil looking at some canopy updates relating to ICFP liveblogging in next few weeks - could add these features too (wanted, in progress or similar)
    • Move projects to issue trackers and track them that way?

Propositions for new projects from @drup:

  • Unikernel gallery:
    • js_of_ocaml + Functoria
  • High level devices: Flexible API to cover all use cases for high level tasks
    Some suggestions for specific levels include:
    • deprecate mirage-seal
    • DNS server
    • syslogd device

General management/tracking of projects @GemmaG
Difficult to follow which issues are most important/short term/longer term - Could use labels, assignees and milestones more effectively. See very very initial/basic example of how I'm going to start tracking OCaml Labs projects:

Will be easier to surface easy skill-level tasks for others in community to work on etc.


  • Not Mirage-specific, but anyone heading to ICFP/OCaml Workshop/ML etc etc might want to add info to this very large schedule (WIP) spreadsheet so we can all make sure we meet up/help eachother where we can with talks/workshops @sgrove
  • Mirage meet at ICFP!
  • Beginners tutorial for those interested... perhaps during OCaml workshop/CUFP sometime...

10 August

Quality and Test

Mirage 3.0

  • Solo5/mirage-www

Library Tracking Updates

  • letsencrypt certificate - automate this via ACME?

27 July

Quality and Test

Mirage 3.0

  • ocamlfind predicates; support for stuff like
  • tracking issue should be up by the meeting, or shortly after
  • solo5 merged!! good job, everyone!
  • next stop: solo5/mirage-www

Hackathon Recap

  • what's ongoing and needs attention?

Library tracking

  • TWiOPAM (This Week in OPAM) is working better now and publishing Gists updates/improvements

29 June

Quality and Test

Mirage 3.0

  • numerous breaking changes merged since last call
  • implemented but yet to merge: removing CLOCK in favor of PCLOCK/MCLOCK
  • some desired features still up in the air -- it's not clear (to yomimono, anyway) how to implement them
    • specification of version numbers for dependencies
    • removing the need to invoke opam from the mirage front-end tool
  • some features may or may not be a good idea
    • pulling the source of ultimate truth on APIs out of mirage/mirage and into implementation libraries
  • some features have a clear path, but aren't yet implemented
    • result types and pp's instead of polyvars and unprintable error types
    • the resultant log changes
    • efficiency improvements like read_into for input functions
    • removing unneeded dependencies (CLOCK, CONSOLE, id)
    • get entropy (and seed randomness) once (related: random interface (proposal here))
  • some metaissues
    • it's difficult to do large breaking changes, which some items above are attempts to address


  • on track?


  • Weds 13th July, 25 people signed up for day - please sign up if you haven't yet
  • Demos for event itself?
  • Pioneer Projects - up to date, can we add some relevant projects there?
  • Projects being worked on for event:
    • Solo5/unikernel/Mirage integration
    • NickB would like to work on uboot+ocaml+mirage for the Pine64
    • Qi Li - might demo his unikernel with tls for ARM cubietruck
    • Lots of Docker-related projects:
      • Dave wants to work on VPNkit/Windows/Mirage via a new Lwt engine that is Windows friendly
      • ThomasG/L and the interns and Anil will continue to make progress on the CI system, tailored for Mirage
      • IanC has been helping retire mirage-xen-arm-builder in favour of an Alpine/Moby-based ARM distro, which now works on the Cubieboards.


  • how's syslog?

15 June

Quality and Test

Mirage 3.0

  • mirage minor release that places upper bounds on packages during the OPAM install, and then work on breaking up the mirage-types into the new revisions.
  • release manager?
  • mirage-types - implement 2 versions of an interface simultaneously?
  • Split API definitions out from mirage/mirage repo and depend on mirage-block and mirage-flow


  • ocaml-freestanding
  • sync up with OPAM 2.0 plans
  • Upcoming combined blog post: "porting mirage to a new platform" - to time with MirageOS hackathon in July?

4.03 flambda testing

  • Upcoming steps/docs from thomasg?


  • Doodle favours the day of Friday 15th July (closely followed by Thursday and Wednesday). Thoughts on having a 2 day hackathon?
  • Booking venue this week - will post to mailing list


1 June

  • Quality and Test

    • Docker container builds: OPAM2 and DataKit
    • Twiopam WIP for tracking releases
  • Mirage 3.0 - breaking APIs

    • V1 and V1_LWT module renaming
    • error types with Result.result
    • break up mirage-types into a package-per-module type
    • API changes: include multiple versions of an API in 'mirage-types'
    • changes to semantics of functions in low-level module type defs
  • Solo5 - structure of mirage-platform

  • 4.03 flambda testing

  • Pioneer Projects/Outreachy

    • Outreachy starting this week
    • Theo working on logging
  • Releases

    • topkg
    • bos
    • fpath
    • tyxml
  • Updates

    • rresult
    • fmt
    • logs
  • MirageOS Hackathon

    • Cambridge, mid June
    • 20ish people

18 May

Reproducible Builds

Mirage Dashboard

  • Handling lwt exceptions
    • example/tutorial (Joel had trouble finding one)

MirageOS security advisory

  • upgrade to mirage-net-xen>=1.4.2
    Anything further to add?

Logging support

  • small wiki page with examples/details about features? Thomas L

MirageOS 3.0

Future hacking evening

  • pick a driver/document and understand/add tests to it
  • Code review - combined with a hacking evening - during June when Daniel is visiting Cambridge?

4.03 flambda testing?

topkg beta

  • testing and thoughts?


  • starting from 23rd May so will have some more blog posts soon

4 May


  • Release of 2.9.0 - mirage command-line tool (improving tooling around logging)

    • extension of the work started by Thomas Leonard at MirageOS hackathon and Drup's comments
  • mirage-net-xen releases and implications

  • OCaml 4.03 porting progress and flambda tests


  • Mirage-dashboard update:

  • Canopy: Engil worked on improving CSS, bugfixes and PR reviews

  • Solo5 Release - gone well?

  • Security


  • Information retrieval

    • OCaml Labs wiki short blog updates pointing to larger/maintained wiki pages. Not taking over but will link to relevant ocaml-mirage related projects/updates.
    • unikernel wiki? To account for non-ocaml specific updates/projects
  • Blog posts:

    • Hackathon blog post - Mindy - PR in progress for
    • Pre-OSCON mirage post for Hacker News... AFL? HardCaml?
    • HardCaml blog added to
    • blog post re. improved logging? Thomas G and Thomas L? (see below)
    • are we going to link to others' blog posts e.g . Arnaud

20 Apr

  • Information retrieval

  • Quality and Test

    • Bulk builds
    • Bytecode-only tests status
    • flambda 4.03 testing
  • Improving errors and logging

  • Missing strtod

  • Mirage 2.8.0 release with tcp/ip

  • Hackathon blogs

    • Got various trip reports/blog posts from members - thanks!
  • Libraries

    • mirage-dashboard some progress. Hannes set up an account to watch Mirage-related projects on GitHub in the meantime
    • canopy status - has language specific highlighting and RSS. Tags?
    • ARM images for Alpine Linux status
    • camlp4 - any remaining libraries?
    • mirage-rump port started?
    • topkg status?
  • ocaml-git and irmin new release?

  • SSL expiration - switch to letsencrypt?

6 Apr

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