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release 2.1.1
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avsm committed Dec 10, 2014
1 parent 6354250 commit f5cf5d5
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2.1.1 (2014-12-09):
2.1.1 (2014-12-10):
* Do not reuse the Unix linker options when building Xen unikernels. Instead,
get the linker options from the ocamlfind `xen_linkopts` variables (#332).
See tcpip.2.1.0 for a library that does this for a C binding.
See `tcpip.2.1.0` for a library that does this for a C binding.
* Only activate MacOS X compilation by default on 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.
Older revisions of MacOS X will use the generic Unix mode by default, since
the `vmnet` framework requires Yosemite or higher.
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shouldn't we also get rid of V2/V2_LWT within 2.1.1? or do these serve any purpose atm?

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