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Backwards incompatible changes to V1 types:

  • CONSOLE is now a FLOW, so write has a different signature and 'write_all' has been removed.

New features in the CLI and config parser:

  • Set on_crash = 'preserve' in default Xen config.
  • Automatically install dependencies again, but display the live output to the user.
  • Include C stub libraries in linker command when generating Makefiles for Xen.
  • Add Vchan, Conduit and Resolver code generators.
  • Generate a *.xe script which can upload a kernel to a XenServer.
  • Generate a libvirt *.xml configuration file (#292).
  • Fix determination of mirage-xen location for paths with spaces (#279).
  • Correctly show config file locations when using a custom one.
  • Fix generation of foreign (non-functor) modules (#293)
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