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-CoHTTP is an OCaml library for creating HTTP daemons. It uses cooperative
-threading via the LWT library to handle concurrency, making it quite
-lightweight and portable.
+CoHTTP is an OCaml library for creating HTTP daemons. It has a portable
+HTTP parser, and implementations using various asynchronous programming
+* `Cohttp_lwt_unix` uses the [Lwt]( library, and
+specifically the UNIX bindings.
+* `Cohttp_async` uses the [Async](
+library from Jane Street.
+* `Cohttp_lwt_mirage` uses the [Mirage]( interface
+to generate standalone microkernels.
+You can implement other targets using parser very easily. Look at the
+`lib/` signature, and implement that in the desired backend.
You can activate some runtime debugging by setting `COHTTP_DEBUG` to any
value, and all requests and responses will be written to stderr.

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