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+Writing web-applications requires a lot of skills: HTML, CSS, XML, JSON and
+Markdown, to name but a few! This library provides OCaml syntax extensions for
+these web formats by:
+* extending standard OCaml syntax with embedded web DSLs. It has a
+ quotation mechanism which parses HTML, CSS or XML to OCaml, and
+ also anti-quotations that form a template mechanism.
+* using type-driven code generation to generate markup directly from
+ OCaml type declarations. It is possible to mix hand-written and
+ generated code to deal with special-cases. Most of the work is
+ done at pre-processing time, so there is no runtime costs and the
+ generated OCaml code can be manually inspected if desired.
+See more explanation at:
+This library is in beta, and full documentation is still being written. Some
+repositories which use it include:
+* Mirage website:
+* Mirage tutorial:

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