Convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module
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ocaml-crunch -- convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module

ocaml-crunch takes a directory of files and compiles them into a standalone OCaml module which serves the contents directly from memory. This can be convenient for libraries that need a few embedded files (such as a web server) and do not want to deal with all the trouble of file configuration.

Run man ocaml-crunch or ocaml-crunch --help for more information:

       ocaml-crunch - Convert a directory structure into a standalone OCaml
       module that can serve the file contents without requiring an external
       filesystem to be present.

       ocaml-crunch [OPTION]... DIRECTORIES...

           Directories to recursively walk and crunch.

           If specified, only these extensions will be included in the
           crunched output. If not specified, then all files will be crunched
           into the output module.

       --help[=FMT] (default=pager)
           Show this help in format FMT (pager, plain or groff).

       -m MODE, --mode=MODE (absent=lwt)
           Interface access mode: 'lwt' or 'plain'. 'lwt' is the default.

       -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
           Output file for the OCaml module.

           Show version information.

       Email bug reports to <>.