RFC3986 URI parsing library for OCaml
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Signed-off-by: Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@recoil.org>
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Uri -- an RFC3986 URI/URL parsing library

This is an OCaml implementation of the RFC3986 specification for parsing URI or URLs.



The OPAM package manager can be used to install this library from source.

opam install uri


You can build the source code locally via the Jbuilder build system.

opam install uri --deps-only
eval `opam config env`
jbuilder build --dev
jbuilder runtest

will install the dependencies via OPAM, build the library and then run the tests in the lib_test/ directory.


Once installed, there are three ocamlfind packages available for your use:

  • uri - the base Uri module
  • uri.top - the toplevel printers for use with utop
  • uri.services - the Uri_services module that provides the equivalent of services(5)
  • uri.services_full - the Uri_services_full module that provides a complete copy of the /etc/services file. This is quite large and normally not needed.


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