Spring Boot 1.5.3 with Spring security OAuth2 2.1.0
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Simple OAuth2 Server with InMemory user

Build Status

used versions: spring-Boot 1.5.3 and spring-security-oauth2 2.1.0

The sample application create fully-fledged OAuth2 Authorization Server. Example uses inMemory authenticaiton. Sample application use used as example end-point for Robo4J Http-Client testing.

User: tester
Password: test

Gradle build tool has configured task to execture example directly from the command-line

$gradle runExample

security.oauth2.client.clientId = exampleapp
security.oauth2.client.secret = ****

Check publicly available part

after having example started

curl -i http://localhost:8080/free

Hello Free Robo4J End-Point!

Fetching access_token

curl exampleapp:magicsecret@localhost:8080/oauth/token -d username=tester -d password=test -d grant_type=password

{"access_token":"7d417506-7e54-4629-b19f-69a8dd56c3c9","token_type":"bearer","refresh_token":"b1ada09f-27c5-4cf4-ac4b-6df4a4096771","expires_in":43199,"scope":"read write"}

Accessing secure part

curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer 7d417506-7e54-4629-b19f-69a8dd56c3c9" http://localhost:8080/secure

Hello Secure Robo4J End-Point!