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zenifywp is designed to make the development of wordpress themes simplier. it is built using html5 with responsive bootstrap (with bootstrap mobile first in mind). it now includes fontawesome, bootstrap, jquery by default and has a carousel which can be enabled.

Zenify Screenshot

inspired/forked from bones (eddie machado and zenhabits


  • woocommerce compatible
  • includes bootstrap (via cdn)
  • includes fontawesome (via cdn)
  • includes jquery (via cdn)
  • includes top fonts (source sans pro, opensans, lato)
  • mobile first responsive
  • preset gallery layout supported
  • rss feed supported
  • modular layout design
  • new theme compliant customisation via appearance > customize > zenify settings
  • options to show one of three menu layouts (left/right/top)
  • options to show/hide author name

to use

method 1

  • checkout the repository
  • run which builds a zip file of the theme which can be added to themes in wordpress

method 2

  • download from github as source
  • compress into zip file as
  • upload to wordpress themes


  • minimal number of files (php files, settings, etc)
  • use cdn (content delivery network) when possible to reduce hosted repos
  • mobile responsive enabling
  • follow bootstrap guidelines
  • simple and clean ux/ui (rule of thumb: if something is not essential, remove it)

roadmap / bugs