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=== 0.0.7 / 2011-03-20
248368c Fix assignability of dynamic type; only target of Object should be allowed.
9734853 Allow abstract interface methods also on Object to use Object impl. Fixes #54.
13b84d2 Add some simple logging of compiler phases (not for run mode).
7dad0eb Fix recursive examples, since we now do try to infer both branches of an If.
27409a0 Reorg mirah.rb into a few additional files under lib/mirah.
=== 0.0.6 / 2011-03-20
ce9b740 Update dynalink stuff, add JSR292 mock to enable compiling/including invokedynamic logic.
2898b87 Remove unused JRubyParser jar.
b1cb2e0 Clean up --help output for normal and MirahCommand-based command lines.
94000eb Add .redcar dir to .gitignore
c450943 Get Maven artifacts building again and add an "else" case to MirahCommand for running from jar.
92f723c Move more files out that are specific to the NB plugin.
48777a6 Move NetBeans plugin to mirah-netbeans-plugin project.
b3979b7 Fix poms to reference parent.
d23ec2c Add support for using Colon2Const as a fully-qualified type name
f1fe06b Save method arguments into the binding if necessary
929fbdf Merge branch 'master' of
b230d94 Fix parsing of long constants
935031b Body of void methods is not an expression
372e1a4 Don't require compatible types for an if statement unless the statement is an expression.
cc861f4 Fix java.lang.VerifyError: Attempt to split long or double on the stack
789ec6e Get rid of .class files left behind by test_javac_compiler.rb
e1a5828 Body of void methods is not an expression
7fa9c62 Don't require compatible types for an if statement unless the statement is an expression.
2346c9e Fix java.lang.VerifyError: Attempt to split long or double on the stack
a0b1de4 fix typo in errors.rb
638f326 Replace the ruby portion of the datastore plugin with mirah code
35f3936 Hygenic macros
b455e90 - Try to differentiate between errors from compiler bugs and errors in user code. - Fix a bunch of ma
6032830 Try to clean up error handling, and avoid having compiler bugs show up as InferenceErrors
2dc85ad Fix scoping unquotes
f35eb86 Fix duplicate extracted values with -V
8911a66 Fix parent on Unquotes used as a name
4d75d84 Add --no-save-extensions flag, and use it in tests.
97a705a Merge branch 'master' of
3298ff0 Merge branch 'my' of into markokocic-my
=== 0.0.5 / 2010-12-22
8e00222 Update mirah-parser.jar to one built from mirah-parser project.
466a21c Update mirah-bootstrap.jar for re-namespaced Mirah classes and modules.
b62603f Fix a bug in __ruby_eval caused by a fix for JRUBY-5163.
d17af25 NullType is assignable from any non-primitive type.
805586f add rake gem task
3be367b update readme install instructions
6ac3fb1 add descriptions to rake tasks
0ca5b96 use the JRuby classloader as parent for the Mirah class loader. Otherwise it doesn't load th
e6c95c3 add license to the pom and parent to release artifacts into the sonatype repository
c767233 mirah-complete already includes jruby-complete, so it's not a dependency
f7d36af variable versions mess the pom descriptor
137e859 fix distribution directory and allow maven to complete the package lifecycle
52ff7d1 add maven descriptor files to publish mirah into a maven repository
=== 0.0.4 / 2010-11-17
* Lots of cleanup, bugs fixed
* New parser written in Mirah
* Improved annotation support
* New macro syntax
=== 0.0.3 / 2010-06-09
* Even more language features!
* invokedynamic support (sort of)
* Using mirror types to avoid class initialization
* Other stuff
=== 0.0.2 / 2010-02-15
* More language features added
=== 0.0.1 / 2009-10-27
* First gem release
* Most things necessary for simple apps, scripts, servlets are working
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