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1 parent a104440 commit d27c181dafe9420bdddb0b8d7fab231921a7ba57 @baroquebobcat baroquebobcat committed Nov 2, 2012
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+=== 0.1.0.pre RubyConf newast preview release / 2012-11-02
+a104440 change version to 0.1.0.pre
+afe5384 Add attr_{reader,writer,accessor} builtins.
+8e31256 Generify array literals and reimplement hash literals the same way as arrays.
+8976381 Fix hygene for all? and any? builtins.
+a8c5d60 Fix test_void_chain
+f9ba709 Fix test_implements
+9f55cbb Support references to primitive types
+3aaac97 Support for static macros and casts to array types.
+179ea1f Fix test_super_constructor
+cf3e040 Fix test_optional_args
+6de0a1c Fix test_block_with_method_def
+dcbb840 Fix a couple macro tests
+f4102d6 Fixes for trying to compile the typer.
+fcfc448 Allow widening to the other type, not just its ancestors.
+939a155 Fixes for mirah-complete.jar
+e2228bf Bug fixes and better error handling.
+a6e9cc8 Fix assignable_from?(NullType)
+fe75374 Remove mirah-builtins.jar in the 'clean' task.
+4e67815 Merge pull request #192 from nuclearsandwich/whitespace
+64da41e Strip trailing whitespace from test directory.
+d61a535 Strip trailing whitespace from examples.
+a48641b Strip trailing whitespace from lib directory.
+ce169d2 Strip trailing whitespace from src directory.
+f9c1910 clean up some debugging code
+f12db8a Merge branch 'master' of
+9e03b1a Fix test_constructor_chaining
+2b86e38 fix typer rescue test
+32e1658 add [], []= support to List
+1dc2d5c rake clean should rm the bootstrap jar
+7879e20 fix class name of NumericExtensionTest
+6536e0b add some documentation to the macro builder
+d72cbe0 Generate missing arguments for blocks
+f0792db Revert "Remove obsolete test_block_with_no_params_on_interface_with"
+6fa6472 Fix test_void_chain
+33dc95a Remove obsolete test_block_with_no_params_on_interface_with
+0cb1f6a Fix test_parameter_used_in_block
+1150c0a Implement closures.
+2875d54 add license/ whitespace to transformer
+4538141 actually lib/mirah/transform/error.rb isn't used anymore, so deleting it
+cbf7b6c add license to lib/mirah/transform/error.rb
+3b66952 add license header to errors file
+29e8edb clean up underlining
+8a492b2 unwind some nested logic in jvm method lookup
+e45e21b put the 0.0.12 history back in
+26224db Merge branch 'master' into newast
+93cb158 bump to, because 0.0.x is oldast
+9e10f98 bump versions to
+83a021c remove win JAVA_HOME lookup because it has problems with spaces in the PATH
+b97b567 Add file headers
+81e94e0 Split up types.mirah
+9439368 Split up simple.mirah
+a5384f9 Split up futures.mirah and add some documentation
+c1ebe5c More quick test fixes
+c8c28b9 Fix test_interface_declaration
+b13b84a Fix "Cannot assign #<IntegerType int> to #<VoidType void>" error from void methods
+ca875de More test fixes
+1c5542f Fix test_block_with_mirah_interface
+2e13c9f Fix scope for block args (test_block_with_abstract_from_object)
+6fe2e59 Fix test_block_impling_interface_w_multiple_methods
+65dd342 Infer arg types from superclasses or interfaces
+2329074 Constant narrowing for AttrAssign and ElemAssign nodes
+1d225d9 Fix test_argument_widening
+d62ad67 Fix macro inheritance on generic types
+de79c6f Implement ZSuper
+e84f525 Delete test_arg_bootclasspath_sets_bootclasspath_on_type_factory_ugh
+257eb93 Merge
+c7fdf60 Mostly fix typer tests.
+ddc1498 Remove the broken java source backend
+03cbb4b fix #186 on newast, ignore implemented methods in getAbstractMethods on factory
+65520ec actually use bootclasspath in the generator
+16647d4 ignore generated/ downloaded jar files
+4301fc5 actually use the bootclasspath in the bootstrap_loader
+2ece709 convert IsolatedResouceLoader to Java, put MirahClassLoader's mirah src in a comment, test class loaders.
+e54d183 add tests for MirahClassLoader
+8a7f943 add some comments on class loaders
+39cf42b test that bootclasspath arg sets the bootclasspath
+b5afc07 add tab to cli help for bootclasspath
+34af825 Support specifying --bootclasspath
+e31ed58 fixes #185 ScopedBody's generated by macros outside methods should work
+b32a286 Merge pull request #184 from pepijndevos/newast
+cae497b add power macro test
+9178182 Merge branch 'newast' of into newast
+e9da596 Delete dead code
+81d7b58 basic power macro
+05615cf Duplicate DelegateClass logic from Ruby 1.8, for consistency.
+11ec687 update version to
+2f5ac6c missed the SNAPSHOT in a couple pom.xmls
+862c760 update history for 0.0.11
+17814eb set version to 0.0.11
+e00ab4b comment out bootclasspath test--there is no bootclasspath yet
+1e46765 add needed breaks in to args processor
+79c6c66 clean up arg processor interface a bit
+040d276 rename test classes to match their filenames
+59a0ccb clean up build_string in java_source
+b9550e7 fixes #175. wrap string interp prior to calling method on it.
+54526f5 Merge pull request #174 from nighthacker/master
+f396297 add test for nested closures, touch struct method where changes were added in master
+fe53909 previous change was insufficiently argy.
+0f1cd70 complain if blocks don't have the right number of arguments
+9b88275 add zip install instructions
+167c9c2 Update README.txt. Fixes #163
+f5fdb07 Array.each
+57faaca add missing files
+b33ae42 Merge branch 'newast' of into newast
+0291c24 Iterable builtins
+65c726d Don't run javac backend tests by default -- they're completely broken
+9541d76 Test fixes
+bc6b158 Loops
+6ebe8da Merge branch 'newast' of into newast
+6223111 Re-enable hash_test.rb
+c43ce7a Hash support
+1ff787d Clean up trailing newlines.
+bbc8e4d Handle one level of nesting on return types, and arbitrary nesting on parameters. Also handle wildcards in parameters. Support single 'extends' or 'implements' bounds, but not 'implements' with multiple interfaces.
+b3cf443 Start implementing hashes
+8803dd7 Fix test_instance_macro_call
+41fcca0 Fix test_block_parameter_uses_outer_scope
+9eca828 Fix test_add_args_in_macro
+a6f8a07 Some macro fixes
+d83daa8 Merge branch 'newast' of into newast
+63c2101 Basic generics support. Handles only the case where the method parameter or return type are simple type variables.
+82cf35c puts. Sweet. Except JRuby can't find it most of the time. Cry.
+8d0df92 Fix package for main type
+f0499f5 Don't auto-generate a class or a main method unless needed
+632a453 Add missing file logging.rb
+5f31337 Add gensym and disable test for hygenic macros
+34a15a9 Fix macros with arguments
+ea73382 Write macro annotations
+ce77a0e Use java logging everywhere
+7dc94c8 Fix the quote macro
+fff3962 Fix Call and FunctionalCall macros
+77cd6f2 fix printing of unqutoes in TypePrinter
+808b52d Fix vcall macros; one macro test passing.
+191062e Macro lookup. So close...
+bced9fa Re-enable macro tests
+330bfbb Start implementing macro loading
+b5a61ad Quote macro implementation
+ec1b520 Add missing file
+f0cba97 Macro compilation
+0ffaa55 Fix compilation of mirah-bootstrap.jar
+8c594e5 Start implementing macro compilation
+64dce74 Add missing file
+4703e7b Fix test_block_with_abstract_from_object
+c8d613d Move block tests to block_test.rb and split them up
+6bd8de3 Basic block support
+18c6d26 Fix mirahp and error processing
+f3bd920 Start typer support for blocks and macros
+a272f7b Update parser
+6d0821f Add Rakefile support for building typer.jar
+87f1ce5 Merge branch 'newast' of into newast
+4622581 jmeta is mmeta.
+f0672e1 Fix compiling implicit nil
+a6b59f6 Disable hash tests
+a3497cb Fix return type for methods that always raise an exception
+8238ee7 Fix array return types
+d1e6f05 Fix loops
+0f646f7 Fix loops
+506fb9c test fix
+fec18f0 Fix long constants
+a1129c8 fix static method listeners
+9213d89 Disable enumerable tests for now
+45a3c43 Fix default constructors
+a37e0b9 Fix test_inexact_constructor
+04d02ef Fix constructor chaining
+6f08cf4 Fix blocks_test
+eb5e74c Fix annotations
+1d0062c Cleanup merge issues
+9b4733f Merge pull request #171 from baroquebobcat/masterful_newast
+46422d3 merge master into new ast. It's crazy awesome.
+7c76dd9 Test fixes part 2
+b6d511f Test fixes
+4cc953e fix test_not
+e33454b Fix test_nil_assign
+af78bd2 Fix test_literal_array
+cfa426d Fix test_interface_declaration
+1f942fc Fix test_import, test_import_package
+16e550c fix test_implements
+053b89a Fix test_ensure
+30e6517 Fix test_rescue_scope
+b33c4dc Fix test_rescue
+a123bd4 Work on fixing exceptions
+0f0cbc0 Fix type in rescue support
+b3bc74e Fix test_class_append_self
+5a02c90 Fix test_array_with_dynamic_size
+fc469af Fix test_array_return_type
+264bd9a Fix test_literal_regexp
+4e62d93 Fix test_annotations
+5611920 Fix test_colon2
+bb12fb0 Fix test_string_concat and test_string_interpolation
+408fae2 Fix test_super_constructor
+7a1000e Fix test_super
+50fb396 Fix test_constructor
+f1d8eb3 Partial fix for test_return_type
+5e0c9b3 Update mirah-parser
+de71d88 Work on fixing test_cast
+9d19812 Support the AttrAssign node
+bfda51d Fix 2nd testcase in test_and
+f786982 Fix first testcase in test_and
+118697f Fix some bad method calls
+a93ca0b Use imports when resolving type names
+a5770f3 disable filename tagging
+478b921 Work on fixing method lookup
+d411915 Add the typer .jar
+bd4cdef Work on getting super to work
+3bca242 Use System.out.println instead of puts
+28b2015 Fix more tests
+4c4dd4b Fix superclass tracking and no-arg block calls
+cc687c8 Fix arrays
+7dc7ab4 Get addition working
+959b435 Start working on test_jvm_compiler
+5108278 Fix some more compilation errors
+8b33dab Work around bug in RubyArray.hashCode
+92db094 Add some more logging during type inference
+61d3f2f Get hello world compiling
+df1f9db Start getting jvm compiler to work
+bbb3423 Mostly fix test_java_typer
+ada7948 Fix test_typer
+570efac Work on getting test_typer to pass
+7203e19 Start using the new typer
+88a047d Get the typer to compile
+e246b53 Unquote fixes
+6f170d8 Fix typo
+486f70f Implement UnquoteAssign
+e822c5f Fix some compilation errors
+0fafe68 Start new inference engine
+dafc7ca Fix custom scopes on locals
+b24f54e Fix test_add_args_in_macro
+bcdef19 Fix test_self_call_preserves_scope
+428c493 Fix hash literals
+1f2f4a4 Fix generator
+2f46511 Fix merge error
+5eb7bde Merge
+79a5cc6 Rebuild bootrap jar
+b08d2bb Fix scope for self_call macros
+3dfb2f4 Fix some more tests
+5edb785 Fix some tests
+ef1f7f6 Serialize AST as text instead of using Marshal. This seems a bit fragile, but it should be enough to bootstrap the new AST.
+c28a393 Get rid of ScopedBody nodes
=== 0.0.12 Working Jars / 2012-07-22
c06e1df bump versions to 0.0.12

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