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I'd like to provide a String.eachChar method that expands out and lets
you execute a block for each char in the String.
My first revision is this:
macro def eachChar(value, &block)
quote {
value.toCharArray.each do | my_char |
eachChar('laat de leeeuw niet in zijn hempie staan') do | my_char |
puts my_char
This works... but only because the block parameter is called "my_char"
and the macro references the same "my_char" parameter name.

I want Mirah to provide a way to lookup the "my_char" parameter name and bind it into the macro.


I think what we really want here is to be able to do:

macro def each_char &block
  quote { toCharArray.each `block` }

I can imagine someone wanted access to the parameters though. For instance, maybe someone wants to modify the parameters somehow. How does Lisp solve this?


I don't know how Lisp deals with this.

You can access the params AST nodes through Block#args. So, in theory--it doesn't work currently--, you could do something like

quote do
   something_that_takes_a_block do |`block.args`|
    puts "Hey"

args is an AST::Arguments node, so you can get it's children etc.


Is there a resolution for this? I'd like to generate unit tests based on a pattern, and need access to the parameters just like Hamlet describes.

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