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Java Pretty Printer #145

consiliens opened this Issue Sep 4, 2011 · 1 comment


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consiliens commented Sep 4, 2011

From the mailing list.

headius posted:

I'd love to see someone incorporate a small Java pretty-printer into
the -j output. It wouldn't be hard, and you'd get code out that almost
looks hand-written.

  • Charlie

woodie posted:

Extra credit if you can collapse the fully-qualified class names, and insert
the appropriate import statements at the top of the file.


consiliens commented Sep 8, 2011

# tmp.mirah
puts 'hi'
// Generated from tmp.mirah
public class Tmp extends java.lang.Object {
  public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv) {
    java.io.PrintStream temp$1 = java.lang.System.out;

Compared to human Java:

public class Tmp {
  public static void main(String[] argv) {

There's a bit of work to get readable Java out of mirah. I created a small patch that attempts to address the extends java.lang.Object and java.lang.* in arguments issue. With the below patch, this is what the Tmp class looks like.

// Patched.
// Generated from tmp.mirah
public class Tmp {
  public static void main(String[] argv) {
    java.io.PrintStream temp$1 = java.lang.System.out;
diff --git a/lib/mirah/jvm/source_generator/builder.rb b/lib/mirah/jvm/source_generator/builder.rb
index 60c3e12..5ad2ac7 100644
--- a/lib/mirah/jvm/source_generator/builder.rb
+++ b/lib/mirah/jvm/source_generator/builder.rb
@@ -232,7 +232,14 @@ module Mirah

         @declaration_finished = true
         modifiers = "public#{' static' if @static}#{' abstract' if @abstract}"
-        print "#{modifiers} class #{class_name} extends #{superclass.name}"
+        superclass_name = superclass.name
+        if superclass_name == 'java.lang.Object'
+          print "#{modifiers} class #{class_name}"  
+        else
+          print "#{modifiers} class #{class_name} extends #{superclass_name}"
+        end
         unless @interfaces.empty?
           print " implements "
           @interfaces.each_with_index do |interface, index|
@@ -370,7 +377,9 @@ module Mirah
         print "#{@visibility}#{@static}#{@abstract} #{@typename} #{@name}("
         @args.each_with_index do |(type, name), i|
           print ', ' unless i == 0
-          print "#{type.to_source} #{name}"
+          arg_type = type.to_source
+          arg_type = arg_type[10..-1] if arg_type[0,10] == 'java.lang.' && arg_type[10,1].upcase! == nil
+          print "#{arg_type} #{name}"
         print ')'
         unless @exceptions.empty?

It'd be nice if this was done in the typer automatically so that messing with strings isn't required.

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