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Adding int and double cannot be assigned to an integer. #183

stauntonknight opened this Issue Apr 20, 2012 · 3 comments

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Ran the command, mirah -e "a=1;a=1+2.0" and it reported an error.
Same issue with the gist

I was expecting it to do some automatic type casting or perhaps treat a as a double since I never said it was an int.


I think this is expected behaviour for a language with local type inferencing in a statically-typed language like Mirah.

a = 1 # declares a variable 'a', integer type inferred.
a = 1 + 2.0 # type error: 'a' is not a double.


I am not sure about that, I would still expect a to expand from "inferred" type int to double unless I have used some feature which is there only in int and not in double. For e.g. if I had done a! somewhere, then it would make sense for compiler to complain.

Moreover, will we not support automatic type casting or automatic downgrading, so that assigning a double to int should automatically strip the fractional part.

ribrdb commented Feb 18, 2013

This works with master:
$ bin/mirah -e "a=1;a=1+2.0;puts a"

@ribrdb ribrdb closed this Feb 18, 2013
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