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Before your contributions to Mirah can be accepted, you must post the License Grant notice below to the Mirah Google group. Each contributor only needs to post the notice once.

Once you have licensed your contributions, check to see if a closed issue or open pull request exists that covers the code you want to submit. If no issue or pull request exists, fork the repo and submit a new pull request with your changes. Someone will review your request and ask for additional information, if necessary.

Commit Access

Once you've had a few patches accepted to the project, you're welcome to request commit access on the Mirah Google group. Once you've been granted commit access, you may want to read through the Release Process page to familiarize yourself with the current build and release process. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the Google group for help.

License Grant

In order to license your contributions to the Mirah project, post or email the following text to the Mirah Google group:

I license my contributions to the Mirah project under the Apache License Version 2.0.

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