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Mirajobs is a free Anonymous Job Search platform for software engineers.

The Problem

Questions of the day for IT guys:

  • How much could you negotiate on a job offer while being unemployed and urgently needing money?
  • Would it be better to consider job offers while having a "backup"?
  • Do you deserve a raise? ;)

How It Works

  • Do you deserve a raise?
    • Find a better tech job or get a pay bump at your current position!
  • Post an Anonymous Profile at and let top IT employers apply to you.
    • No risk for your current employment.
    • Only reveal your identity to the best proposals.
    • Get a better job or negotiate a higher salary while having a backup.
  • Mirajobs is 100% free for job seekers, and will always be.

The Algorithm

We outlined our vision of a career enhancement algorithm using anonymous job search. Here's some Java code: src/com/mycareer/ Hope you find it funny ;)


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