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unasuke commented Jan 9, 2017

⚠️ This commits are including breaking changes! ⚠️

aws-sdk v1 is outdated gem.
So, I change ec2ssh to use aws-sdk v2 .

If release ec2ssh after mergeing this commits, please increment gem major version. 🙏


  • update aws-sdk to version 2
  • remove outdated option 'aws_keys'
  • rewrite specs
  • drop support of eol ruby(2.0)
  • update ruby version to use run specs on travis ci
  • update readme
  • and so on... 😌
unasuke added some commits Jan 8, 2017
@unasuke unasuke Use aws-sdk version 2 94b8a63
@unasuke unasuke Pass profiles to ec2_instances and remove aws_keys 19bacd5
@unasuke unasuke Rewrite as aws-sdk-v2 style bdbf115
@unasuke unasuke Remove unneed methods adfc587
@unasuke unasuke Remove "key_name" and change tag style to aws-sdk-v2 a75ffc7
@unasuke unasuke To empty Ec2ssh::Dsl::Parser.validate
aws_keys option is never used in aws-sdk-v2
@unasuke unasuke Split function for test easily with mock 47fde86
@unasuke unasuke Rewrite spec/lib/ec2ssh/ec2_instances_spec.rb 1534782
@unasuke unasuke Reborn 'aws_keys' for compatible 4fc355f
@unasuke unasuke Rewrite spec/lib/ec2ssh/builder_spec.rb
- change mock_instances sturucture to aws-sdk-v2 style
@unasuke unasuke Rewrite spec/lib/ec2ssh/command/update_spec.rb
- change mock_instances sturucture to aws-sdk-v2 style
- add profiles info ec2ssh
@unasuke unasuke Update README.md
- use aws-sdk-v2 style
@unasuke unasuke Drop eol ruby support 8b88d0a
@unasuke unasuke Update bundler version in travis 20638e9
@unasuke unasuke Install listen 2.10.1 if ruby version is lower than 2.2.0
for ruby_dep
@unasuke unasuke Update patch vesion of ruby in travis 6334947
mirakui commented Jan 22, 2017

Thank you for the PR.
But these diffs are too large to merge once.
At least I'd like you to separate this PR to updating aws-sdk and removing aws_keys.

unasuke commented Jan 22, 2017

@mirakui OK 💦

@unasuke unasuke changed the title from Use aws-sdk-v2 to [WIP]Use aws-sdk-v2 Jan 22, 2017
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